Sunday, October 2, 2016


After four days of dismal, drizzley, and torrential down pours...we have the sun!!  I was glad for the rain...but after a few days...enough much flooding of streets and basements...UGH!   I've had such a busy week...going here and there and accomplishing nothing...but I did have a fun weekend.

I have been working on a sampler from Stacy Nash "From Me to Thee".   I stitched one a few years ago and sold it, so now I'm stitching another one for the October update of EWM.    

Love my little sewing box that I purchased from Lisa Evans, "Folk For All Seasons".  She does the most beautiful folk art with old boxes, pieces of woods, etc.  

Inside the box are little cubbies and then she has lined the lid with a piece of antique Victorian crazy quilt. 

You can find Lisa on FB under Folk For All Seasons.  She posts daily and updates her etsy also.

A couple of pics of the items I purchased last Sunday while out and about with my friend, Earlene. The small wood butter churn

And then this long skinny shelf just wide enough to place my small collection of leather books... little grand daughter, Alexandra, will be coming up on Wednesday for a five day visit.  So excited to see her!!  We haven't seen her since June and she is growing by leaps and bounds!!  She fixed her own hair for this picture..hence....all the bows!!

Have a happy and blessed Sunday...hopefully, the sun is out in your neck of the woods!!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Sunday

It's a beautiful day in Michigan...just a couple of pics to post...hubby is away on a fishing trip so I have two whole days to do what I want....not that I can't when he's's just different being on my own...for a good old dry sink...I told my son he'll have to bury it with me when I go...

A few little goodies I picked up in Ohio last weekend...don't have a clue what I'll do with all of it,,,but I'm hoping I can make something from this pile....I love the little "half dolls"....I'm going to try and make pincushions.

And then, my little grand daughter Rory...petting her favorite animal....Suzy the Sheep at the apple orchard. little South Carolina Belle....Alexandra giving a wayward look likes she's either done something mischievous or about too!

It's such a great day...after all of the hot, hot weather we had over the past couple of months...this fall like weather is a welcome relief...have a great day every one!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


I meant to post pictures of the Early Homestead show days ago...but I kept putting it off...then my friend Linda from Florida send me an email to here goes...the pictures aren't very good..there was a glare from the windows and I couldn't get a good picture of some of the booths to save my life...then four of the booth pictures I took were completely black on my phone.....

This was my was a little bigger this year...

Sandra Nolan from Curtice Ohio...she has the most beautiful primitive furniture....her shop is in Curtice Ohio also..a great place to visit and shop!

Above was Jamie Blunt's booth.  Jamie is from Millbury Ohio and has a beautiful prim shop as well.

My friends, Sally and Wendy's booth...beautiful, early smalls....

Then there was Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) and Melissa's booth.  Stocked full of beautiful hand made jewelry, hooked rugs, and wool applique. 

This was a beautiful small cabinet with lovely wool applique made by Melissa.  I just love it!!  She does the most beautiful stitching...
and her color choices are gorgeous!

And then this....I made a trade with the dealers from Kentucky..I had a bucket bench that was a little too prim for me and the dough box was too colonial for we both left happy campers!

I'll post more pictures this week of our antiquing journey to Ohio this weekend!  Have a great evening!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Once great thing about get to make a fresh start with your decor.  I'm though with color on the wall...from here on out, it's white, off-white, and more white on the walls!  I like to change things up so often, that it's more of a pain when you have a dominate color to deal with...

My husband just painted the second bedroom last evening, so I decided to make it my "Blue Room" are some's a little plain...but for now..that's fine with me!

My old $10 bed I bought at a garage sale many years ago.

A little hand made quilt from my pal, Lori Rippey...the little doll was made by her as well...

An old quilt with really vibrant blues...I had it tucked in the basement for years....

A sampler stitched by me, design by Pineberry Lane.  The pinkeep...another creation of Lori her work!  The homespun on the table is early, 1800's...another thing I had packed away...

 And little miss Rosa Heywood, hanging over a reproduction mustard colored cabinet.

A small grouping of early blue quilts that I purchased in Maine about 11 years ago.  I hooked the rug a while back, but again, had it rolled up in a basket.

Next week, September 10th is the Early Homestead Show in Holly MI...I'll be vending and my pals Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) an Melissa Masterson, are also sharing a booth selling their beautiful jewelry and wool happy that they will be spending the night with me before the show...just shows your never too old to have a sleep over!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

SO BUSY.....

I don't know what happened to the cool dry weather we were supposed to be having this week..but it's
been hot and steamy almost every stinking day!  I open my windows for a few minutes in the morning and then on with the AC....oh wont last forever!

Hard to believe that in two weeks, the Early Homestead Show will be here!  Seems like I just did the spring show and now getting things tied up for the fall show.  It is a great show and so much fun.

Just a couple of things I've been working on.  First...the sewing totes using early 1800's homespuns and calicos...I'll be adding a few little sewing needfuls to each little tote..

And then...boxes upon boxes...I've been painting since the beginning of July and have just about all of them done.

A small table top trunk that I picked up at a barn sale last month...I've yet to antique and wax it...

And then I have a couple of black sock dolls from the early 1900's that will be making their way to the show as well..both are in red.... My basement is full of prim goodies that I'm taking to the show...all packed and priced...I'm way ahead of the game this year....I hope!

It's been a busy, busy day today...had six of the grand children over...between chasing them, feeding them, and watching a movie...I'm exhausted!   Have a great weekend!!

Monday, August 22, 2016


Finally..I can post some pictures of my new bathroom and laundry/ in mind...I kept it very simple....lots of neutral, mainly whites...and nothing primitive about it...more of a farmhouse here we go.....Here's the old pink and black.... vanity...where the corner tub once was and the toilet stayed in the same spot...but different toilet with floating shelves....

Another shot of my vanity with light fixture...the mirror was from Hobby Lobby (after days, nights, weeks shopping on line for a mirror...found this one at my HL)....

Now....this is where the old vanity was...

And this is where the new tub and shower  are now located...We were able to expand the bathroom about 5 feet because they went into the bedroom and used the closet area for the tub. (my plan..don't ever let a contractor tell you "it's impossible"...believe me...that wasn't in my vocabulary!)

My little primitive stand....I had to add a little prim to the mix

My little $40 pie safe now holds my towels.....

Ok...onto the bi-fold doors...the wall next to these doors are where the closet doors once were..

hiding my washer and dryer....can't tell you how much I love having this upstairs!!

We painted the bedroom over the weekend....again, a little plain..neutral...but easy and clean looking..

 This area is a little sparse...but I couldn't decide what to add quite yet...

All in took about seven weeks for them from start to finish....they were a great group of guys, couldn't have been happier with the's onto the kitchen...but that'll have to wait for another year!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Good Sunday's raining cats and dogs here in lower Michigan...but it still feels like a sauna room when stepping outside....This evening is the EWM update...I felt like hurrying in the fall season so I designed and stitched an autumn wool applique runner for this month's update and I made another necklace.  

If you have a minute to spare, please check the selling site to see what other wonderful handmades the artists have to offer.   I'm sure most of them are in the mood for autumn too!!