Monday, July 17, 2017


Well...last week I dove in head first.....into my sewing room...I purged, I pitched, I pissed & moaned...but I did it....for the most part anyway....I set my timer to be in the room for only three hours.  I worked like a dog...but when the three hour timer went off...I wasn't even a third done!  I could've cried....I started at 9 in the morning and worked until 10 at night.....I got rid of so many magazines, knick knacky things, things I was going to one day create something out of ...oh my...if I only could get my money back!!

Love this sign...but you should see the looks it gets when people go into my room......The rug is a Heaven's To Betsy design...a fun and easy rug to hook.........

I cleaned off my Ikea desk...I really love this desk..It has two nice drawers and is really easy to clean...and it's very Ott light and my Martha Steward light....

I decided to keep my tall, metal bookshelf in the room.  It holds everything I need very nicely without everything being crammed in.    My blue binders house my cross stitch patterns.  I have them  organized by designer.    

I decided, at this time, not to sell my primitive wood cupboard.  It holds all the wool I need..I'm determine not to buy wool just on  a whim.....(she said laughing)....
I donated my cutting table which took up a ton of room, and two bookshelves...I can finally breathe!!

That big ugly husband grimaced when even the mention of donating it to the here it sits...under the window...but I did clean out and organize the drawers.... 

My two little Steiff bears..peeking out at me....making sure everything stays neat... 

And.....I can't wait to start stitching this lovely sampler design by Tammy Black of Scattered Seed Samplers....I love, it only has two colors of floss to use! 

Well....that's it....I'm off to finish the laundry, make dinner, and sit down to do some stitching!  Have a great night!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Yep.....this is how I'm feeling.... and I remember Elvis singing it well......

Didja ever get one of them days, gals
Didja ever get one of them days....
When nothing is right, from morning till night
Didja ever get one of them days
Didja ever get one of them days..... 

I've been having a few of those days......I can't seem to get my head around cleaning and reorganizing my hooking's been a mess for a long, long time.  I have too much furniture, too much junk...I've started purging and pitching...but it's still not enough...I swear, I could have a garage sale in this room alone!!!  So...this isn't a "pretty" post or a "primitive" prepared and read at your own risk.......cuz it's pretty may need to grab a bucket....

I hate the desk that's in here..  It's from the 1940's and my husband bought it to use...needless to say...he NEVER used it and it ended up in my sewing's big and clunky and  a catch-all for useless crap.  He doesn't know....but it's going....I've already contacted my son.... 

My closet organization used to work so well....but I've accumulated so much stuff it's hard to stay organized....I love the youtube videos on organization but those people surely do not have as much stuff as I have...and buying those little bins and tubs at the  Dollar Tree.....doesn't really just encourages your to buy and store more guessed it....JUNK!!!

Another piece of useless furniture....this green cupboard....I had to have it, but all it does is collect more's absolutely's going to the antique well at the Putnam Dye case,  the vintage tin boxes, and various other smalls....

My wool used to look so nice on this metal shelf...but now, with MORE's a hot mess!!  That's a whole day of organizing in it's self!  And just look at all those lights!!!  Three OTT lights & two magnifier lights,   It's like I have three heads with three sets of eyeballs...good grief!!  How many lights can one person use????  AND...with that theory.....what about hooking frames...I have three floor frames and two lap frames...what????? And that was after I sold two of them...any ideas on how to store those?

My lovely IKEA work table, that I still love...but it is always loaded with junk.  Another catch-all..and you can see to the left of it...another shelving unit guessed it...more junk!!!  The one thing I do love, however, is my DMC floss organizers..they were inexpensive and keep my floss in order...but the magazines have got to go...I have tons of them .....why do I keep old magazines??? I never really look at them after a couple of's a sickness actually....magazine-itis!

Now to the beauty pictures......
These are of course, my "dream" craft rooms.....I'll never attain such least in this lifetime...but they sure are pretty.....always inspirational!  I love the signage...SMILE --  DREAM....that's about all I can do at this point!

Even Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products have not helped me.....I will probably  have pulled out every hair on my head by the time I get done...but I'm going to do it....I think my problem is...I just don't stick with one type of needlework...nope...not me...I have to branch out into ALL aspects of "needledom".......therefore....I have tones of stuff and tons of UFO'S...In my next lifetime...I'm going to be a dancer or a yoga instructor .....But in the meantime......I'll have to deal with this room......  

Hope none of you are have having "one of the days".....

Monday, July 3, 2017


Not much going on...just taking it easy on this Fourth of July holiday.  We just came back from South son and his new wife were successful in buying a new home in the Summerville area, so they'll be leaving around the 22nd of this month.

On our way home, last week, we spent the night in Berlin Ohio.  Such a lovely area...I never get tired of visiting....we always stay at the Carlisle Country Inn  in Berlin.  It's such a beautiful inn....similar to a B&B, but every room has it's own bathroom....I think it is my favorite hotel/inn ever.

I didn't purchase much...a couple of little flags and the basket above.  But is was fun to stay in such a relaxing atmosphere for the night.

Have a happy and safe July 4th!  

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.....we'll be going to our grand daughter Charlotte's, dance recital this afternoon...those are always so sweet!! And then we'll be heading to dinner with out family later.

It's been kind of a quiet week around here...which is a good thing.  I'm taking a Donna Hrkmann rug hooking class offered by my  guild in Dearborn, The Michigan Rugg Artistes.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time!!  I would like to learn to hook faces, but I am a primitive I don't know how that is going to fly!  I heard Donna is an exceptional instructor and will teach just about any method suited to you...but I can't imagine hooking a face with 8 or 9 width wool...LOL!!  So, I'm going to have to step out of my comfort zone and learn to hook with 5's or 6's....UGH!!  I'm going to hook a picture of my grand daughter Rory to give to my daughter on her birthday....but it depends on what it looks like...I may be the new Picasso (meaning an eye up here and another down there)!!  This is the photo that I have transferred onto my linen...I'm concentrating on her face but learning shading techniques for the rest of her, as well.   It will be least for me!  But I wanted to do something a little different and learn something new...

Just about to finish my sampler by Lori Rippey, "I Choose Joy'...I love it!

I did it on 20 count evenweave linen. I hand dyed it before I stitched, but I may sprinkle a few little drops of coffee just to age it a bit more.  This was a really fun design!  I'm going to frame mine...I'm going to order Lori's new pattern, "Polly Cole"...she just listed it on her picturetrail last evening.  It's beautiful!!

This is an antique sampler that I picked up for next to nothing at an antique mall in Ohio last summer.  It was framed horribly so I took it out and just hung it on my corner cupboard.  It's in great shape..not crazy about the pink in it, but considering it's dated 1843, I fell in love with it anyway.

Well...that's it for now.  We're heading down to South Carolina on Thursday.  My son and his bride are moving down there so he can be close to his daughter.  We sure will miss the both of them!  He is the first of my five children to move out of state...and I'm hoping the last!!

Have a great Sunday!  I'll let you know how this rug hooking class is going!! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


To say that the months of April and May have been busy and worrisome, is an understatement!  My daughter's health is in jeopardy..she's doing a bit better but not out of the woods yet, my daughter-in-law suffered very severe heart attack..and is doing ok, again...not out of the woods yet.....and then my poor mom fell and broke a vertebrae in her lower back,  she's been miserable and now has to use a cane or walker.   Last but not least....a joyous occasion in the midst of all this...... my youngest son got married...whew....I think I covered it all in a nutshell....anyway....I'm hoping the worst is behind us.  All of that was just in five short to say, I have not been in the mood to blog..UGH!!

I haven't done much in the way of rughooking, but I have been doing a lot of punch needle.  That was one needle craft that I really didn't enjoy doing, but then I started watching some YouTube videos..mainly Lori Brechlin's and Ronda Tedder's and I can't believe the difference it made! I actually enjoy it now!  I have been working on a penny rug from Cee Rafuse, the Three Diamonds, but I can only sew on  that one for a short time but I'm almost done.

And some pictures from my son's wedding:

His beautiful bride, Megan....

My youngest son, Jeff....

The Mr  & Mrs

And I just couldn't leave the two little flower girls out of the youngest grandaughter's...Alexandra and Rory...I think they had the most fun of all!!'s been busy...but I did have time to make a few things to offer on this evening's Early Work Mercantile update.   Please join us at 9 pm to check out what we have to offer!!
Have a great week and stay cool!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ann Arbor Hook In

Last Saturday, April 15th, was the annual Ann Arbor Hook-In.  This year, it was my guild, Michigan Rugg Artistes that hosted (we get it every 3 years).  Although, there are only 33 of us, I think we did a pretty good job.  We had wonderful vendors..Kris Miller, Anne Bond, Lynn Kosarek, the Ault's, just to name a few much luscious wool to choose from and so many patterns!

My friend, Andrea and I were in charge of the cookie and beverage table.  Just look at all these goodies we had:

Our rug display, was disappointingly small this year.   Although, 200 rugs were registered to be brought, only a handful actually made it....the hookers came, but not their was a small showing, but there were still beautiful rugs!  This one below, is from my friend Bonnie.   She designed and hooked this rug for her bathroom.  It's just gorgeous!

The following rugs, were brought in by fellow hookers:  This is a design by Anne Bond.  I think it is called "Hedwig" was just beautiful...I plan on hooking it in June....

And then, this rug which was way more beautiful in person than on camera.  I don't know who the designer is or who hooked it...but it was quite the eye catcher! 

This is a pillow I completed last week.  I've never hooked a pillow now I'm on to the next one.  I really enjoyed this little design from Maggie B.  

This is a wool applique design by Maggie B....stitched by my friend Sheila. Another beauty!!

Went to my antique booth this past Tuesday and brought in some more items....took some home too   I hate when items sit around in a booth for months on end...I like to change it up every now and again.  It's been a little slow in sales the past two I'm hoping things will pick up.  Primitives in Michigan seem to be on a downward's hard to find them and it's getting harder to sell.   I think people's tastes are changing...young folks seem to like the industrial white farmhouse style instead of the drab, darker decor.    I know my tastes have definitely changed over the past 5 years...

Well...that's it...hope I'm not MIA for another son's wedding is in four weeks so we'll be busy with that....have a great weekend!!  I'm going out to the yard to do the much dreaded yard clean up....maybe I should keep a smile on my face like this gal....then the work wouldn't seem so bad!

Monday, March 20, 2017

TIME FOR A REST's been a while....but I've been so busy.  Now that the show in Holly is over....and I have restocked my antique booth in Jackson...I finally have time to breathe....I think I'm getting too old for this stuff...but does keep me going!!  This post is, of course, picture bear with me...but I think you will enjoy most of them.

The first picture is of my serving area separating my  kitchen and dining room...I plan on having it knocked out so I can have one big eating area instead of two small areas....this is an old buggy seat that I have had for a long time.  It was busted up on the bottom, but my husband was able to repair it using old wood.  I took it to the Early Homestead Show this past Saturday and had a great price on it....bartering down to garage sale prices seemed to be the scheme of the I refused to accept ridiculous offers & take it home myself...

This is Earlene's booth (Primitive Passion Decorating) was stocked full of primitive goodies!!

Sandra Nolan's booth...she has a shop in Curtice Ohio...The Grainery

This is Jamie Hess Brunt's booth...she, too, has a wonderful primitive shop in Millsbury Ohio, Cornfield Primitives.  Sandra's shop and Jamie's shop are within 15 minutes of each other, so if you are ever in the area..stop in!!  You will not be sorry!!!  They have a wonderful selection of gorgeous prim furnishings!

Next, is Bridgewater Primitives...they are from Alliance Ohio...they, also have a shop...

Then, my booth.....

Then, below, you can see the above mentioned, buggy seat.....glad it came home with me!

Ditty or seed bags that I made from the backing of antique quilts..

It's always, always fun to do these meet so many nice people and the day just seems to fly by...but like anything is very tiring....I'm still tired and my poor husband could hardly walk when we loaded up in the afternoon.  

I have pictures of my antique booth at the Antique Mercantile in Jackson MI, but for some reason my pictures won't load up, so that will have to wait for another day...Thank you for all of your kind happy when you all come for a visit!!