Monday, August 22, 2016


Finally..I can post some pictures of my new bathroom and laundry/ in mind...I kept it very simple....lots of neutral, mainly whites...and nothing primitive about it...more of a farmhouse here we go.....Here's the old pink and black.... vanity...where the corner tub once was and the toilet stayed in the same spot...but different toilet with floating shelves....

Another shot of my vanity with light fixture...the mirror was from Hobby Lobby (after days, nights, weeks shopping on line for a mirror...found this one at my HL)....

Now....this is where the old vanity was...

And this is where the new tub and shower  are now located...We were able to expand the bathroom about 5 feet because they went into the bedroom and used the closet area for the tub. (my plan..don't ever let a contractor tell you "it's impossible"...believe me...that wasn't in my vocabulary!)

My little primitive stand....I had to add a little prim to the mix

My little $40 pie safe now holds my towels.....

Ok...onto the bi-fold doors...the wall next to these doors are where the closet doors once were..

hiding my washer and dryer....can't tell you how much I love having this upstairs!!

We painted the bedroom over the weekend....again, a little plain..neutral...but easy and clean looking..

 This area is a little sparse...but I couldn't decide what to add quite yet...

All in took about seven weeks for them from start to finish....they were a great group of guys, couldn't have been happier with the's onto the kitchen...but that'll have to wait for another year!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Good Sunday's raining cats and dogs here in lower Michigan...but it still feels like a sauna room when stepping outside....This evening is the EWM update...I felt like hurrying in the fall season so I designed and stitched an autumn wool applique runner for this month's update and I made another necklace.  

If you have a minute to spare, please check the selling site to see what other wonderful handmades the artists have to offer.   I'm sure most of them are in the mood for autumn too!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


My fraternal grandmother, was from Madrid, Spain.  When she was just a young woman, she moved to Cuba, I believe it was in the 1920's. It was there she met and married my grandfather...she then had one child, a son,  who is my father.  My grandmother, who I called Mima, was a wonderful embroiderer and seamstress.  When her husband died, she and my father, Roberto, moved to the Detroit area.

Mima worked at the Fisher Bldg, on Woodward Ave in Detroit, as a maker of wedding gowns.  She did the lacework, the embroidery, and all of the fine handwork on wedding gowns made for the rich and not so rich...In her free time, she would sit and embroider, making gifts for others to cherish and enjoy.  I was her only grandchild.  Although my mother and Roberto, divorced when I was just three, I still kept in touch with my father...not so much.   In fact, I haven't seen or heard from him in 40 years...

Yesterday, while cleaning out a closet....I found my beautiful white, embroidered bedspread, with my father's initials "R.B." in the middle of this treasure.  When my mom gave it to me years and years ago, she said that Mima had made it for them as a wedding gift.   I knew I had it, but was afraid to use it.  It does have a few little rust stains and one small hole on it, but for the most part it looks pretty darn good.  I washed it on the most delicate cycle and air dried it.  I need to press it a bit...and then I would like to put it on the full size bed in my guest room..

These are just a few pictures of the bedspread...

Although, my grandmother has been gone for a while's nice to have a treasure where her memory and talent will live on.  

Sometimes, I think, that we who love needlework, rug hooking, or any craft, really do not appreciate the gifts that God has given us.  We make things here and there...maybe give them away as gifts or sell them...and then move onto the next project.    But one day, when a gal is cleaning out a closet, an attic, or a basement....she might come upon a treasure that was made long ago by someone she dearly loved........and that treasure will begin a new life!

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I used to really enjoy the cooler weather...but I am finding myself in my old age...really loving summer...even the hot doesn't bother me too bad (at least while my AC is working).  I was working out in the yard this morning and took a few pictures..Hope you enjoy!

The next two pictures are actually my neighbor's yard...but he is a major slob...barely cuts his lawn and since I have to look at the side of his garage he gave me permission (LOL) to take care of it and do whatever I I made the whole length of it least until I can afford a privacy fence!

This is a spot where our little cat Abe was buried a few months ago...

A little messy on this side, but we just planted a ton of plants so we're hoping they'll come up even thicker next year. 

Last but not Albert...his smiley face has been with me for over 25 years.....

Hope the weather is beautiful in your part of the country!  Going to be a smoldering, hot week coming stay cool!

Monday, July 11, 2016


It's funny.....but I don't seem to mind Monday's anymore...and I sure enjoy Sunday's...especially when there is a great antique show!  I attended one in Milan Ohio yesterday.  Hubs and I left the house at 7 am and it took us about 2 hours to get there but boy, oh boy was it worth it!!  It was a gloriously, sunny day and the vendors were ready to sell!!  I didn't buy too much..I'm on a money hiatus until the bathroom is done....but I still squeaked in a couple of buys..

First is a mirror and an early checkerboard, that is still fashioning it's advertising..a little worn and a spot that must have been attempted to clean...but I love it!

ANd then two pocket watches...both are far from repair...but I think they will look sweet on a chain..perhaps around an old teddy bear??  Then the sweet little melting pot..we stopped at Sandra Nolan's shop in Jerusalem OH on the way home...and I made a few purchases from her....Her shop is wonderful!!

I've been working on a penny rug for my table.  I thought I would make a big one...but it seems like I have been sewing pennies forever! I have 65 made...and 61 more to go! They are fun, but I really would like to get this project done before 2017!  I purchased a Sizzix BigSHot...which cuts out the most perfect wool circles...and that has cut down on time tremendously!  I just love it!

The background is a gold/green wool.  I've been trying to use the wool that was in my scrap basket...the pieces that aren't really good for hooking (too small) but good for circles).  

Then.last....this is a sweet little piece that my daughter made for me when she was only 7....the first punch needle I had ever seen....she worked on it so hard with her aunt and then gave it to me as a sweet!

Well...back to doing chores for the's laundry day and grocery shopping day...then back to pennies!  Have a great day!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bye-Bye Mamie!!

Yep...that was what you called the "ever so popular" pink bathroom in the fifties...A Mamie Eisenhower bathroom..Seems it was all the rage in the tile, pink toilet, pink bathtub, pink wall tiles...UGH....I needed some "pink Pepto Bismol" for the past 28 years just to deal with it...and Yes...I said 28 years....When we moved into our house in 1988, that was one of the first things to get husband is not one to know the old saying..."If it ain't broke...don't fix"..that was his mantra all these years until I seriously started talking about moving.  He never wants to I guess he figured if he wants to keep the old gal (meaning ME or maybe the house...not sure), he better give me the moolah to remodel!

So here are some before shots:

Although the tub looks wasn' was only 52 inches long.  I could never soak in it, because my legs would rest on the wall by the faucet.  And talk about trying to clean the tub...I had to get into
just to wipe it always looked gross....


And dig the vanity...all custom made in 1956...I guess it must have been quite something way back then...but trying to keep the grout clean in those little mosiac tiles...not so easy...I went through many a toothbrush and bottles of peroxide and baking soda.

We came home from our vacation...the contractors already had it gutted......YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And...they went about 5 feet into our fourth bedroom, taking out the closet so I could have a larger bathtub and an upstairs laundry room...double YAY!!

It will take about 4 weeks to complete...but after 28 years of waiting .....what's another four weeks??

Have a great day!  It's hotter than blue blazes...but it's summer and it's already half way gotta enjoy!!

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I'm in South Carolina as I post this...and I can't wait to get back home.  It's been a bit of a stressful trip...not to mention that the contractors started working on our bathrom while we are 800 miles away..but we were afraid that if we delayed them these few would set our remodel back another here we are, in hot, hot humid SC.

The final set of Sally and Randy's house....enjoy! Beautiful, early Pennsylvania Dutch style shelf, housing her beautiful stoneware...this is in her kitchen

These are their beautiful open shelving in kitchen....with more collections to share....

This is the first floor bathroom....

A sweet early box, housing a little sheep and candle....

Love this candle box shelf hanging on the wall near their tub...

And I love the simplicity of this towel rack...

This is their upstairs tub, but a beautiful shower and lots of goodies to see...

A gorgeous, early shelf hangin on the bathroom wall, displaying Sally's early collections of books, baskets, and boxes

A sweet bench sitting in a hallway leading to the two bedrooms on the second floor.

This is a guest bedroom.  Love the windows!

A nice, early cupboard hoousing more of Sally's collections...

A smaller guest room...just beautiful!!!

And I love the wood floors...most are original to the house...

Sally and Randy have three sweet kitties and a dog...Randy made the kitties a little doorway from their door, leading to the basemnt....and of course....Sally had to make it more welcoming for them by adding a cute little wreath!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I keep saying...."there is no place like home...there is no place like home.."  We'll be leaving on Sunday moring...early...hopefully driving straight through...Hope you enjoyed seeing my friends' home...I can't wait to go back!!