Sunday, November 19, 2017


Good Sunday morning!!  I'm still in denial that Thanksgiving is only four days away!

Yesterday, I went to the local church flea market and came away with some goodies for next to nothing...

Last year, my buddy Lauren had this book and I fell in love with it....I looked and looked for it last year and could never find one..but this year...I struck gold!  The ornaments....I purchased a large box full of these vintage glass ornaments..this is only a few of them...for $3 at the church flea market...Since I have a larger tree this year..I'm sure I'll use them all!

I've been stitching my fingers off this month...trying to get my projects done for  Christmas Gifts...

These are two that I ordered last month and I haven't started them yet.  They look like pretty quick projects...I'm hoping. 
Next is a project I'm making for myself......I bought the truck sign from Walmart a few weeks back, so I thought I would stitch up "Tree Lot" from Little House Needleworks, and attach it to the bottom of the truck for my kitchen....inspiration from Priscilla Blaine....her blog posts are listed in my favorites....

And then....Eleanor Rigby by Blackbird Designs....I'm stitching this on 20 count, WDW, linen.  I thought this would be a quick stitch, especially being a larger count...but I make just as many mistakes 0n 20 count,  as I do on 32 count!!


It seems that "Bullet Journaling" seems to be very popular among the younger generation.  I have kept journals for a number of years.  It's a great way to document goals, dreams, accomplishments and everyday tasks.  This is a journal that I started back in 2007...I thought I was really fancy at the time...but it's nice to look back and see what important tasks were then....

These are a couple of pages of projects I completed and sold on Ebay or on TDIPT back in the day.....

This is my present's gotten a bit fancier....but the premise is the same....but in this journal, I keep track of my daily goals and do's and don't's.... 

One thing I've have to also keep track of all the accomplishments I have achieved for the month..I think we all beat ourselves up for things we did NOT get done...when we should be patting ourselves on the back for what we DID accomplish...I think you would all be pleasantly surprised!

Small sampling of my goal list....

I have a very relaxing day planned...I cleaned the house yesterday, did the laundry and so today...I'm going to sit back and have a stitchy Sunday!  Happy Thanksgiving to all & have a wonderful week!  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Please join us, the artists of Early Work Mercantile, this evening for our "Log Cabin Christmas" update.  So many wonderful hand made items for your primitive Christmas decor...hope you will join us at 9 pm EST....

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Such a fun week I friend Dawn Rossell and her husband have a wonderful primitive shop in Holly Mi....this past Thursday, I went her way and helped her decorate for her annual  Christmas Open House.  We literally, tore the shop apart and started our magic..... her friend, Ginny was also there to help...and what a blast we had...although, I could barely move the next day!  Here are some pictures I took that evening....

Dawn's shop is located in the quaint little village of Holly, which is about 90 north of Detroit.  In my next life....I will be living in Holly!!



Now on to the new sampler group...started by the always inspiring, enthusiastic, and lovely Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.  I'm so excited to be is a spin off of her group which was on Bing...but that website was really hard to she gave it a reboot on FB.  

I'm unable to get the link to work, but if you go on Facebook and in the search tab...type in will be directed to that page....It will be wonderful to be able to post items that we are stitching  and she started a post on posting our own I'm sure there are tons of blogs regarding stitching, that maybe some of us were unaware's going to be a fun group!!!


Ok....on to my stitching....I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been busy with my stitching and some rug hooking...although I love hooking, cross stitching has always been my first needlework's just endless what you can do with the designs....

This first design, is a design by Plum Street Samplers....I stitched it on 14 count, sparkly Aida...I'm stitching it for my daughter who is vision impaired so I wanted it to be a bit larger than the original.  And she love sparkles!!!  I have a plan on how I am going to finish it...I'll share that later.


Next....I'm almost finished with this next design. Snowman Trio by Country Cottage Needleworks.  This is a gift for my daughter in law...she loves snowman....I know how I'm going to finish this one as well.....I stitched it on 20 count linen....again....I wanted the finished piece to be larger than the will be a wall hanging...

This is Eleanor Blackbird Designs.  This is a gift for my youngest son and his wife.  She is crazy about the Beatles....and named her cat Eleanor I think she'll like this one.  I'm also stitching this on 20 count, WDW linen in Putty.  Again...I wanted the design to be bigger... now on to this fabulous's called. "Seam-fix"...and I gotta tell's the best tool for frogging I've ever had!!  The ripper part is small and narrow enough to slide under the teeniest of stitches and the white, rubbery end is great for "erasing " or pulling out those pesky threads that you just can't pull out with your fingers.  123 Stitch sells it and I believe it was around $6....I'm big on frogging as of for me it's been a blessing! 


Well...that's it for now...have a wonderful Sunday...oh....I almost forgot....I decided to get an artificial tree for Christmas...we've always had a real one....but I can't start decorating until the first or second week of December for fear of it drying, I get sick and tired of watering Friday at 12:03  pm...I ordered a tree from Balsam  Hill...and shock and arrived that next day at 3 pm...WOW!! will start looking like Christmas a little bit earlier from here on!!!

Have a wonderful week!!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I finally finished by sampler by Pineberry Lane Primitives, last evening.  Yay!  It always feels so good to finish something, doesn't it?  I love this sampler design and it was an easy stitch.  I stitched on 28 count evenweave using DMC floss.  I then coffee stained it and baked it for a bit.  Now, I'm not sure if I should frame it or mount it on something.  Either way, I think it will look pretty cool...

Last week, I received a gorgeous handmade two tier basket from Ann of 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets.
It beautifully crafted and so useful.  It will be my new project basket, either for stitching or rug hooking. 

Then, on September 30th, my husband and I spent a couple of days in Ohio...first going to Amish country, Berlin and Walnut Creek and then attending the Back To Our Roots, primitive antique show in Medina Oh.   I didn't buy much, but did manage to find a couple of pieces of stone fruit, thanks to Lauren Fugua....she has an eagle eye for stone fruit at these shows...I seem to pass right over them...The vendor's prices were very good so I couldn't pass them up. 

Well...that's it for today.  I'm excited for this week...I am going with a guild buddy to ATHA  in Cleveland this Thursday to do a little shopping and hooking & then on Friday we are heading to Wooster, OH for the Hooked in the Valley show.  Should be a fun week!!  

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Where I'll be today....

.....stitching along on my Pineberry Lane, "Proper Sisters School of Needlework", sampler.  I'm using 28 count evenweave that I coffee's pretty subtle, so I think I'll give it a faint walnut wash after stitching.  I'm using called for DMC threads.  I have a ton of fancy floss, but of course none of the colors needed.  Hoping to have this done by the end of the week.....

I'll be plopping down on my favorite wing back, with stitching in hand,  watching "Candleford" on Netflix....( I think this is the third go around)

A fun little rug by "Olde Tattered Flag" that I hooked a couple of years ago at a hook in...It was an easy rug to hook and I love the spider webs...

This next rug, was hooked by hooking friend, Chris Needels...It is an Emma Lou Lais design called "Primitive Saltbox".  It is gorgeous!!  I'm hoping I will still be able to order this one!

Last husband and I at a B&B, in Holly, two weeks ago, when we were vending at the Early Homestead show.

That's is for now...thank you so much for you kind comments!  I have to use  comment moderation now because of so many "scam" comments....such a strange world nowadays!

Have a wonderful Sunday...enjoy your day!

Friday, September 22, 2017


Wow...who'd thought that we would be having 90 degree weather the first day of fall?  I think I'll just stay inside today...I went out yesterday and the hot air hit me like a ton of bricks...a couple of pics to share today....I shared them on FB so sorry if it's a bit redundant ....but a lot of my blogging friends don't go on just a couple of pics....

A little more fall decorating....

And then....I had a Joann Fabric coupon that was burning a hole in my wallet...I'm not a big Joann fan anymore, but when they have 60% off plus and additional 20% off can't beat I went a little crazy with fake stuff....

And then.....(here goes the repetition), a finish inspired by Priscilla and Chelsea's YouTube vlog...  The sweet design, "Miss Grimhild", is by Jenny Hoffman, of Country Rustic Primitives.  I just love her designs...they are so much fun to stitch and does not require dozens of color changes...and this pattern graph, was in color...yay!! You can buy her patterns on Etsy or Patternmart..instant downloads too! I used my old scrub board and attached the design using magnets...I have to get used to the sticky board...never used it before and it is a bit tricky corners aren't perfect...but it will do! 

Last, but not a beautiful birthday card, made by my hooking buddy, Linda Grabda.  She makes the most beautiful cards and either uses wool applique, punch needle, or needle felt.  Everyone of them are unique and beautiful!  Thank you Linda!

Change of plans for next week...we were going to go to Pennsylvania for the antique extravaganza, but due to needing a new roof, having a privacy fence installed, and multiple costly repairs on my husband's old truck (why he doesn't get a new one I have no idea)...we decided not to go this year.  We will be going to the Back to Our Roots show in Medina Ohio, I'm really looking forward to that....hopefully, it will be a lot cooler!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


It's already past mid September, and I'm left scratching my head wondering, like most of you, where the time went...I've been doing a lot of cross stitching.  I finished two samplers, that I will show next post...that is if I get them framed.  But, I have been purchasing some charts online to hopefully, finish in time for Christmas.  

I found the most wonderful YouTube channel with a mother and daughter team, Priscilla and Chelsea.  They are so entertaining and so inspiring!!  Here I thought the only way to finish a cross stitch piece was to frame it..WRONG!!  Their creativity is amazing!!  And I love that they only stitch on 28 count, Evenweave fabric...YAY!!  My kind of gals!! I'll link their YouTube channel below and Priscilla also has a blog that is just beautiful...if you want inspiration...head on over...if you just want a good chuckle and something to brighten your day...check these gals out!! (Just copy and paste...these links never work on my blog....)

So....I ordered these patterns by Brenda Gervais.  I ordered them from Needle Case Goodies on Etsy....and I gotta tell you...they arrived within two days....I don't think my tea dyed fabric had dried before I got them!

Next....I went hooking today in Holly and brought a hooking buddy from my guild.  It was her first time in Holly and I think she had a pretty good time....between the 11 of us laughing, talking and munching..and we did manage to do a little bit of hooking!  Here are some completed projects that were brought in today:

This is Pat's stool...with a darling little sheep.  She used wool yarn for this project.  

Next is Bonnie.  She hooked this sweet little rug to cover a primitive footstool.

The next two rug designs, were purchased from Georgia Eaton-Adams of Missouri....Sue hooked this first one...

And Dawn hooked this one...I love them both!

A few pictures around the house, with my pitiful attempt of fall decorating....I thought I had more stuff.....:-(

Well...that's it for week, we're heading to Kutztown PA for Sharon Renninger's Antique Extravaganza and then heading back to Medina OH for the Back to Our Roots show.....YIPPEE.. husband figured it was better to be on the road for my 65th birthday, instead of listening to me whine at home!