Sunday, October 14, 2018


Well....our two days at Sauder came and went too fast!!  After weeks of anticiption and looking forward to a little came and went like a flash!  But we had such a great time!  My pals, Melissa, Sue, and Pat all met up on Thursday afternoon.  Lauren came on Friday morning.   Between eating, yacking, shopping, and hooking...we had a wonderful time.  The October hook-in at Sauder is a fairly new event, but it is gaining in popularity.  Last year, there were only 30 registered, this year there were 48.   I believe the capacity is 60.  Some of my friends from my guild were there as well.  It's just a nice and relaxing couple of days to hook and catch up with good friends!

This is Sue's rug...she designed it herself...similar to a Rufus Porter painting (Sue was a folk art painter years ago).  I love it!  Makes me rethink some of my old painting and perhaps put them to linen and wool....

Then next, is my buddy Pat.   She enjoys the Oxford punch rather than the hook.  For her, it is faster & she does a wonderful job.  She uses wool yarn and wool strips.  I'm not sure who's design this is...but it will be beautiful when done!

This is Lauren's rug.  I believe this is a guild project, but I'm not sure.  I love her colors.  Lauren does a lot of dyeing and these colors are beautiful!

And last, is my hooking.  It is a design from Karen Kahle.  I'm going to try and get it done before December.  I have a long way to go!  In between all of my other projects...just not enough time in the day!  I was hooking the beard in off white, when one of my friends gave me "Homespun yarn" a brand from Lion Brand yarn, purchased at Joann's.  I think it is perfect for his beard and cuff!!

These two little guys, found their way to a new home.  I ventured out of my comfot zone and made these two little teddies from a Druann Jeffries pattern, that she now offers on her Etsy.  They were fun to make!!

And last....these are the types of texts I get from my son....not, how are you...or what's up...oh second oldest has to send me a scene out of the scariest movie (made for TV movie) that has terrified me for years...UGH!!  Salem's Lot...written by Stephen King...I still have a hard time looking out of a window at night....thanks you too...:-0

Have a wonderful Sunday....and again, thank you for all of your comments and for reading my blog

Sunday, October 7, 2018


OY, YUCK & BLAH.....that describes the mood I've been in for the past few days.  I'm usually pretty upbeat and feel motivated to do even the worst of tasks...but the past couple of weeks I've literally had no energy or motivation to do a darn thing.  My house looks like a train wreck, my stitching is sittin in some obscure corner of my disasterous sewing room... & I've been doubly aggravated because I can't get one damned contracter to answer their phone & return a call.   It's been three weeks and I have tried four or five different flooring companies and they either show up and NEVER get back with me or they don't return my call.  It's not a small job....they could make some good money and it's probably only a one-day job...GRRRRRRRRRR.... I wish like heck my husband was in the least bit handy...or at least showed an interest in doing a home project, but he never has been never will I sit here and stew....

On to better things....I finally finished my little purse.  My friend brought over a pencil type case she purchased at Walmart.  I followed the tutorial from Cindi Gay in an older issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  Its my own little doodle design.  It was a pretty easy project and it's very roomy inside...big enough to carry your stuff plus a water bottle!

Then...I finished Scaredy Cat...a pillow design by Heaven's To Betsy.  I made it for my grand daughter Rory.  She was with me at a recent hook in and fell in love with it.

And here is the crabby old lady with was my birthday last week, but it was marred with the worry that I would have to go to downtown Detroit to do jury duty....which I did a 7am on called to the jury box....sat through two hours and six rounds of questioning by the prosecutor and defense attorney...thank GOD...after all of that......the prosecutor gave me the boot....I must have been smiling or grimacing too much...not really sure....and didn't really care....I had never been happier with rejection!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't get out of that awful place fast enough!!  And the case was awful as well...the worst....

My two littlest treasures in South Carolina..Alexandra and Josephine, soaking up the son said it is so blooming hot down there....

Napoleon taking care of Josephine....he is a rescue dog from years ago that my son fell in love with.  I'm not much of a dog person...but Napoleon is a doll!  Such a sweet sweet dog!

Well...that's it for now...I've griped enough....hoping to get my mojo working this week!!!  Heading off to Sauder for their rughooking weekend on Thursday and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!!  Have a great week!

Monday, September 24, 2018


Don't you just love sitting home all afternoon, waiting for a contractor to come over for a quote?  That's what I've been doing...waiting on a flooring company to give me a quote for some hardwood call, no answer, no showing up...well.....I just wrote him off my list!  Time to move on to another!  But wait....every company that I've called...I've had to leave a voice message....doesn't any company EVER answer their darn phones???  It's really annoying....I try to give these independently own businesses some business....but honestly, I'm ready to give Home Depot a try.....

Okay...vent over!  I gussied up my mantle last evening...with some little lights ad a few sprigs of fake autumn leaves... 

My good pal, Earlene, and I went pumpkin shopping last Thursday.  There is a nursery/farmstand that sells the most amazing pumpkins at the most amazing prices!!  Take a look at these in their back greenhouse:

The large pumpkins are 2/$5 and the Cinderella pumpkins, green pumpkins, pumpkins with lots of lumps and bumps, and ghost pumpkins are 2 for $6....any size, any color!  The little pumpkins are 2/$3.  Mums and Asters are $4.  I've been going there for years for all of my fall just can't beat their prices!

This past weekend was the Michigan Apple Blossom hooking event, sponsored by Anne Bond.  Although I didn't attend the hookin, I did shop on Saturday for the vendor sale to the public.  There were only a couple of vendors that I was interested in...but I brought my grand daughter, Rory with me, and she was only too happy to pick out a project for me to make for her...It's this crazy looking cat by Heavens to Betsy....when it is all will have green button eyes, with some weird looking ruffle around his hat.  I tried to tear my wool, but I just cannot seem to do it correctly....I waste so much wool doing it..I just resorted to using a 9 cut.  

Well...that's it for now...guess I'll continue waiting for someone to either call me or just show up...I'll show this Scaredy Cat rug when I'm done....I'm hooking like crazy on it...JUST to get it done!  

Have a wonderful week!!

Sunday, September 16, 2018


It's so darn hot outside, I feel like it should be July instead of mid-September!  So, staying inside with the AC going full blast, I was able to do a little fall decorating. Now mind you, I didn't realize I had so much fall and Halloween decorations...but after all was said and done, I had four totes plus a huge box full of stuff.  I was ready to scream!  I plucked a few things out and then very nicely shoved everything back in the basement.  The stuff I didn't use will be going to either my kids (I doubt they'll want anything) or the Goodwill.  I just can't seem to deal with a bunch of useless stuff anymore!

This was plenty enough for me...usually I decorate the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining room.....but not this year.  

And then because I don't have enough furniture (ha)....I fell in love with this vintage walnut coffee table.  I have to refinish the top, but the wood on the bottom and legs of this table are beautiful!  I had it in my head to chalk paint it....but the more I look at it, the more I love the wood.  The Queen Ann legs match my porringer sidetables as well.

Last, is an early sampler that I purchased in Holly last weekend at the show. It's an interesting sampler because it looks like it was only partially finished or a part of it was cut or torn away...

The back of the sampler has a piece of history taped to it.  It states:

"Loaned by Mrs. D. R. Potter and worked by her self when a child.  Age of sampler 67 years."  Ardelia Beach was 9 years old when this was stitched...since Ardelia was born in August 31, 1813, this was done in 1822.  This piece was loaned for display in 1880.  

 I have several antique samplers, but none of them have a history to them.  In fact, I have tried to research some of the names on my samplers without any luck.  

I love that Ardelia stitched it all on the tiniest count of linen, using only brown threads.  Can you imagine, these young girls sitting by candle light stitching?  I have trouble finishing a sampler on 28 count, with an Ott-Light and a magnifier!!!  

Have a great week and pray for the poor people who were affected by the much suffering and loss.....

Sunday, September 9, 2018


I was ready to lose my mind...for weeks I have been trying to post, and blogger would not let me sign in...I don't even know how I was signed out...but after numerous attemps I figured out what the heck was happening and why I was being blocked from signing in....GEEEEEZ!!!

It's finally cool and autumn-like weather here in Michigan and I love it!  This has been one hot and humid summer and I am ready to say "Bye-bye"' to it!  Lots going on but I'll try to be brief...We were blessed with another little grand daughter....Josephine Mae, born on August 17th.  We went down to SC just hours after she was born and had so much fun holding and snuggling with her!

She is three weeks old and is alert as can be!  Sadly.....we wont be seeing her until Christmas time...


The Early Homestead Show in Holly was this past was a great show, with wonderful vendors but the attendance was noticibly down from other years.  I set-up & staged my friend Dawn's  booth and was able to bring some of my items to sell in her booth as well.  I'm not doing shows anymore but being able to do someone else's booth is really some of my things is an extra bonus.

This is the Holly Hills Primitives booth....

These are pictures of some of the other vendors' booths....I was unable to get pictures of many of them because I was so busy and getting really hungry toward the end of the day...

The gymnasium was full of primitive dealers from all over.  I only bought one item, but there were so many beautiful things to choose from!  

I've been doing a ton of cross stitching, but I'm getting the itch to start my rughooking and applique again.   I broke down and bought the Lap-App for wool applique a couple of weeks ago.  It's still in the box, but I plan to use it.  


I was fortunate enought to take a Rebekah L. Smith class two weeks ago at my friend Melissa's house.  It was so much fun!!  Im looking forward to the next class!

We had our choice of two projects...I chose the partidge pocket...I'm ashamed to say I have finished it yet...but it will be lovely when I can't go wrong with Rebekah's designs!

This was the other design of the day...a hard choice since everything she designs is so beautiful!

This is a runner that Melissa made from a previous Rebekah class...I fell in love with it and am hoping it will be in her next book...

Well...I'm so happy I was able to figure out what the heck was happening with blogger...I love blogging and reading blogs and always appreciate comments!  

Thank you so much, happy Sunday, and have a great week!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Good Sunday morning....after an afternoon of thunder and lightning...and barely any rain....we woke up to a gorgeous day here in southeastern Michigan.  My good pal, Earlene, said her flower gardens were completely destroyed from the harsh rain and hail...she's lives about 60 miles west of me and we didn't get much at all.

A few pictures this morning...I've been putzing in my kitchen..finally found a new console type table for my kitchen and that darn dark wall (still haven't painted it).   I managed to squeeze in a little stitching and hooking this week.  So it's been fairly productive.

"REAL COMFORT" by Modernfolk Embroidery...a quote from Jane Austen.  I love this sampler, but it has proven to be a bit tedious....time to put it away for a's much more stitching that I initially thought...don't mind the wrinkles...

This little hooked design will be attached to a purse....after I figure out how to do was nice to get back to hooking after a long hiatus....I couldn't even find my hook!

Now for the "feast de la resistance" good pals from the Holly Hookers...this is Bonnie...Bonnie designs her own rugs...Bonnie color plans her own rugs...Bonnie hooks her own rugs in record time.....Bonnie is amazing!

I love the colors and the bead work design...

This is Sue Mcfall's FFO.....Sue is an amazing wool applique artiste!  She never starts one project until she finishes one....This is a Maggie B design...

And last....Alexandra....Alexandra my 11th grandchild who is so creative....she designed her own purse.  I'm so sad she lives in South Carolina....I would have her hooking and stitching with me all the time...her other career is fighting crime in the midst of her stuffed animals & action figures...she also has quite the imagination!

Have a wonderful Sunday....and a wonderful week...thank you for taking time to read my blog!

Monday, July 30, 2018


Another Monday, and it is beautiful here in MIchigan.  Enjoying the slightly cooler temps and the sun has been glorious!  Every week, is so busy for me.  Everyday it's always something....I always think that I'll have the week to myself and do what I want, and then, lo and behold, something always pops up, and then here I am, trying to fit in daily chores, gardening, shopping, etc. in my "off" time.  It gets a little frustrating, but then I think one day, I may not have anything to I guess I'll just roll with it.

A few pictures to offer today.  I've been selling some of my primitives and going for a little lighter look.  We have a lot of painting to do in this old house.....but again....where do I find the time ( and I'm retired)?

I'm getting ready to paint the kitchen and this dark wall has GOT to's not as dark as the picture ...but I still want to do a very light grey...

My new sign that will do for now.  I had to cover up some huge holes in the wall.  The wood piece behind the sign, is an old piece from a barn.

My porch....I did some cleaning last week...I don't know how we manage to get a porch so messy!

And then the husband is out there every evening for over an hour, watering.  Once a week we weed...when it's not too hot that is....The colors on some of the flowers are beginning to fade...the bee balm was just gorgeous this year and full of bees!

I've been trying to keep up with my stitching..I have four WIPS going on and it's making me nuts!  I usually don't start one project until I'm done with one...but there are just so many things I want to stitch...not too mention a hooked rug that I have been working on...

Have a great week and as always, thank you for reading my ramblings and I appreciate your comments!