Sunday, July 15, 2018


Good Sunday evening...another week has flown by...summer is more than half over...where does the time go?  I haven't been doing much in the's been too stinking hot...but I don't want to complain too much for fear the winter fairies will arrive way too early!

Last week was my son Jeff and Megan's baby shower.  I made a couple of items for them . It seems I've been back in the sewing mode as of late.

First was a baby's just a Granny square in a soft dusty pink, with linen and pale gray.  I crocheted some butterflies and attached them to the corner.  The yarn is,  "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby.  And I really do love their yarn!  It's just acrylic...but it washes up so nice with no pilling and it is supersoft!

Next, I made some receiving blankets (4), with matching burp cloths.  I backed the burp cloths with soft terry cloth fabric.  I made eight of them, matching the receiving blankets.  I even add my own little tags that I ordered...."Made With Love From Grandma Bobbie".   So even if they don't keep them very long, whoever gets them, will know that they were made for someone special.

Next,  is a sampler, that I believed I shared prior to finishing it.  It's a Blackbird Design, Eleanor Rigby.  It was a fun one to stitch.  I stitched it on 20 count, Weeks Dye Works in Parchment.  I used two threads over two...making it actually a 10 count.  The reason being...the original design is only about 6 x6 inches and I wanted this one to be larger.  It turned out to by 9 1/2 by 9 3/4.  It is a wedding sampler for Jeff and Megan.

A little fun thing...this is the very first sampler I'd ever stitched back in 1984.  I almost tossed it about twenty years ago, but I managed to hang on to it and I'm so glad I did.  It's stitched on Aida, 14 count.  The color choices back then, aren't too far from my favorite colors now...guess my taste hasn't change much!

My two littlest grand daughters, Rory and Alexandra having a great time last weekend!  They are just growing up way too fast!

Have a great week, everyone!  And thank you so much for reading my blog...stay cool!

Friday, June 29, 2018


Good Friday morning...looks like it's going to be the type of day, you just stay inside, in cool air conditioning, and stitch.   I haven't had one of those types of days in a long I'll make the most of it!  I had a couple of stitching finishes this week.   The first is "Old Glory"...a design by Little House Needleworks.  The finishing was inspired by Priscilla Blain, whose blog is listed on my favorites.

The second one is "Bless Our Home", by Country Cottage Needleworks, which was a SAL.  It was fun to stitch,  but I had a hard time deciding how to frame I just settled for a piece of painted wood and added some covered buttons.  I love these designs, but they never seem to fit in a regular, sized frame... These are so cute for decorating, but I am back to stitching on my samplers.  

Another project, I've been working on lately, is making tote bags for my grand daughters.  This one was made for my oldest grand daughter Karsyn, who is a Harry Potter finatic!  It's just the right size for a couple of books.  These are so much fun to make, although, without a pattern, it's a little bit of trial and error...

My little grand daughter, Rory, stayed with us most of last week..she picked out a stitching kit at Hobby Lobby and has been learning to stitch.  She's only 4, so her patience and attention span are not the greatest, but she is doing pretty good!

Lastly....we've had a very stressful couple of weeks.  My daughter has been ill, in and out of the she is home...but she faces some new health've been running here an there....and just to top off my week...a young woman ran a red light, doing about 45 MPH and hit me on the passengers side...luckily, no one was hurt...except for my poor car.   UGH!!!

I hope you enjoy your day!!   It's going to be a hot one, but tomorrow it will be stay cool!!

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Wet, cold, cloudy and yucky here in Michigan...sorry...there's no other way to explain this I'm making the most of it and getting a lot of my stitching done.  I have several WIP'S that I really need to catch up on before I start another we'll see how much I get done today.

I'm so in love with the Floss Tube community on is not only so much fun to's also inspiring, interesting, and enabling.  I happened to find a new FT'er this past week....Saltbox Stitcher...oh my gosh!!!  She is a sampler stitcher and a primitive lover and so interesting.  She has been stitching for over thirty years and her walls are just filled with samplers from every designer you could think of.  I'll try to link her below.  Her intro video is just a montage of her home and samplers and then the second video is an introduction along with the usual sections of FT.  She is truly amazing and so inspiring!  She is also a primitive rug hooker...

Now onto my own stitchy stuff:

I finished my two patriotic stitch designs...the first one is a Country Cottage Needleworks design and the second one is a Little House Needleworks design.  I have an idea on how I am going to finish them, but I just didn't have the ambition to do it today.  They were both fun and quick stitches.

Today I have been working on a design I started in May by Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery,  "Be Kind Always"....I love the phrase in this piece because it is so true & something in our day to day lives we may tend to forget ...."Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you can't see...Be kind always"....  I'm stitching it 28 count R&R reproduction linen using called for threads with the exception of some DMC 930 which is the blue.  

The Holly Hookers have been fast and furious at finishing some of their rugs that were started in March.  This one is a design by Georgia Eaton, hooked by Sue McFall.  I love how she added some black silk fabric to embellish the wings of this primitive crow.

Next is a rug hooked by Sue Eaton...I love this one.  Sue's is a collector of vintage children's sand pails and has them displayed in her bathroom...this hooked rug fits in perfectly with her decor...and I love the colors!

After living here for 30 years, sandwiched between two neighbor's who did not give a hoot about how their houses and yards looked...we FINALLY have good neighbors on both sides.   The one to the right of us moved in two years ago and has been a blessing....then, the slum lord next door, decided to sell his broken down, decrepit house...all I can say is "Thank God!!" older lady bought it and is fixing it up to a tee!  She has not moved in yet because she said it needed way to much work for her to live in it yet...she has had workers over there day and night and we are beyond thrilled!  Plus...she is a gardener and cant wait to start digging and cleaning out the yard.  If you remember in some of my past ramblings....I took care of part of his yard by planting, weeding, mulching, cutting, trimming...etc, etc.....then last year we put up a privacy fence to block off most of the yard (who leaves two broken down grills, a bag of trash, old shoes, and an old lawn chair in a heap in the middle of the yard for the world to see)....but now...a new neighbor!

Have a wonderful week and again, thank you for taking time to read my blog! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018


What a great three days I had!  My friend, Chris and I, at the spur of the moment decided to travel to Harrisburg PA for the Primitive Stitcher's Society Merchant Mall....and what fun we had!  The first night we did some antiquing in Ligonier PA and stayed the night in their hotel.  It is such a quaint little town!  The next morning, we started our journey to Harrisburg for the main event.  On the way, one of my favorite antique malls, Laughlintown Antiques just happened to be open nice and of course we had to stop and shop.  I bought these sweet little early, blue calico doll dresses...

They were so beautiful and in such good shape and for an awesome price!

And....they fit my old bears to a tee....they're not naked anymore!

We then happened to spot this absolutely beautiful log cabin house on RT 30 in Laughlintown...Chris and I were practically salivating at the site of it....such a beauty!

So, onto Harrisburg we went...we arrived late and only had two hours to shop...but boy did we do some damage!!  I don't think my pocket book could have stood more than two hours!  The best part, however, was getting to see some old pals.  Teresa Kogut was vending with her beautiful designs...Lori Brechlin and her BFF Joan were there....always fun seeing them!   I met some new designers,  a super sweet couple of Willow Hill Samplings (love their samplers), and Nicoletta Farrauto of Niki's Creations (all the way from Italy),  the Carolina Stitcher, Faye Riggsbee, Becky Noland of Lucy Beam.  And then my  favorite cross stitch shop on the planet....The Craft Gallery of Findlay Ohio....owners Paula and Carlton Fruth.  The gals from the PSS did a fantastic job of getting this retreat all pulled together....

Here is my haul from the show...patterns by Lori, Becky, Niki, and Willow Hill....then...a sweet little vintage pincushion, with some luscious linens......

This sweet little wall box with pincushion was made by Miss Joan....It's beautiful!  She does such a wonderful job on her handmade items!  I think the little bear is loving it too!

Then of course, you buy one little thing, and that one little treasure enables you to rearrange everything....(this hoarding collection of sewing stuff is in my sewing room).  The little nurse bear was given to me by daughter when I was in nursing school over 35 years ago...The little cloth sewing boxes were made by my friend Melissa.  The calico needle book, hanging to the side of the shelf, is an early one from the 1800's.  I bought it years ago at a junky antique shop in the bottom of a bin filled with old crummy tools....I paid $2 for it.  And the "Use It Up" sampler was made by Lori in 2005...

Luckily, there was too much raining for me to do any gardening this morning so I just stayed in  and played with my new stuff!

Have a wonderful week and, as always, thank you for reading my blog!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


It's already Wednesday and I haven't done one stitchey thing this week. 

I swear, I stitched this little design from Primitive Hare, just to hold up in the evening.  Seems my DH always wants conversation when I'm stitching...LOL!!   It is on 28 count evenweave, but it was from Joann's and it is the most uneven fabric I've ever used (MRJ Textiles)!  That's why this one is not's crooked in the frame and looks terrible!  So I just have it clipped to the top of my ruler....

These are my new scroll frames from Rola Frame.  I love them!  I usually use a hoop, but I heard so many good things about these frames, I decided to purchase one.  Now I have six sets...they are light weight and fit nicely into my Lowery floor stand.

I seemed to have gathered quite a collection of hand dyed floss.  I love the colors but some of them I can barely see any .....I'm not sure the extra money is worth spending, when DMC has so many beautiful colors...

I finished this SAL in March, by Country Cottage Needleworks, but have yet to find a suitable way to finish it.  I'm not going to frame it, it will more than likely be a flat-fold finish with some wintery type fabric bordering it. It was a fun stitch...but of course, I always end up one stitch or row being off....UGH!

Well...that's's good to be home from our vacation.  The early part of the week has been filled with Dr.'s appointments for my mom, including today..then tomorrow I start my hooking workshop...I haven't pulled one single piece of wool to color plan yet...guess I'll be super busy this evening!  Have a great day!

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Not bragging or anything...but I think I can finally post pictures from my Mac...(with the help of my son.) . Had I have known I was going to have such an issue, not to mention I'm too old to learn the in's and out's of going from a PC to a Mac, I would have purchased a PC...but....I am learning!

We have been in Florida and South Carolina for the past nine days, and are heading home tomorrow morning.  It has been a sweltering 97 degrees here in Charleston, but from what I've heard, Michigan is freezing cold...from one extreme to the other...UGH!   We had a really nice vacation.  My daughter's family joined us for the week and my son and his family came down for three days.

Alexandra and Rory, the two youngest cousins, getting together again.  Alexandra will soon have a little sister to join her in we'll be heading back down here much fun!


Now...this has nothing to do with our vacation...but I just wanted to share my organization of my ever growing collection of cross stitch charts.  Seems I've been obsessed with stitching these past few months.  I haven't really be interested in rug hooking, but I am taking a three day work shop at the end of the week.

I purchased this small filing drawer system from Michael's in March and organized charts by designer.  

Then...I purchases these mesh bags from Amazon in March as well.  They were $9.99 for ten of them and come in five different colors.  Big enough for charts, fabric, and threads.  I have six designs kitted up just waiting for my needle....I tagged them with the designer, the title, the type of fabric and floss that I am using.  I also put the date I purchased the pattern, when I started stitching it, and when I completed the design.  A bit obsessive....but it's fun to see the progress (or lack of)!

I finished this sampler by Nebby Needle a few weeks back and now I'm just waiting for a frame.  It's going to a very special friend....

My rug hooking guild, The Michigan Rugg Artitstes, are sponsoring a three day work shop featuring Jen Kleinheinz.  I have heard really good things about her and am excited to take this class.  I will be hooking this rug.  It's big and I have no idea where to start and how to color plan.  So she will be there to help.  I would really like to finish it for the fall season...

Well...that's it for's strange to be back blogging after five months..but fun too!  

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Please excuse my long absence from make a long story short....I had computer issues early in the year...then I went from a PC to a MacBook, which I love...but for the life of me, I can not upload pictures to my blog...and what's a blog without pictures?  Heck....I can't even FIND my pictures on this Apple thingy.......Apparently, I have to go to a class at our local Apple store.....UGH!!

Anyway...a lot has been going on in the life....and I have some exciting and inspiring things to share...I least when I can upload some pictures....

It's been a busy year with some changes.  So....I'll be happy to share....and look forward to get back to blogging!    I love FB, but I need a break from it...most of the things on FB, besides our glorious needlework groups, are advertisements, political posts, posts about poor little animals being tortured,  quotes or sayings that have been shared by a zillion people and on and all gets a bit depressing and can cause least for me.    So...hopefully, I can get this figured out and start blogging again!

Have a great's a little chilly here in Michigan but I know spring is just step ahead!!