Saturday, June 11, 2011


Last night we attended my oldest grandchild's, Karsyn, dance recital. It was so cute she will be 6 on Monday..and I am pretty sure her dancing career ended at this recital...she just wasn't much interested in dancing last evening..but she sure looked cute in her little sailor outfit. Of course my husband and I had to get in on the action too..not the dancing...just the picture taking.

I was so excited yesterday to go the local cross stitch shop, because they had their annual 20% off everything sale..but I had a really hard time finding anything. The selections do not really appeal to my tastes, which are antique reproduction samplers etc. Plus...they sure aren't very fact a couple of the women that work there are down right rude! I was told NOT to touch the fabric, when I said sorry, I just wanted to feel the texture..she told me "Well, some people just don't get the concept"....I wanted tell her to stick her "concept" where the sun doesn't shine. I don't think I will EVER give them my business again..I will just continue to shop online. I've not dealt with any mean least not yet!

Just a few thread from The Gentle Arts, a couple of travel/storage bags...and a small piece of hand-dyed fabric that I actually "touched" before the fabric police arrived!


  1. We had a wonderful shop of decorative colonial items and furniture, but were not allowed to sit on any sofas or chairs (even wooden) to check the comfort! They closed. Hope your local shop starts being a little kinder to their customers! Cute little sailor!

  2. Geez! That kinda took the fun out of it, huh? Sometimes I wish I had a needlework shop close to my house to go to... because I like to see and feel the fabric before I buy it... I've gotten some pieces that I bought online that I really did not care for. Great picture! Dancing does take a lot of energy...

  3. Love your tiny dancer! I am certain that there was quite a bit twirling and whirling...ever so much fun!

    I am delighted that you found a few goodies at the needlework shoppe, in spite of the disagreeable proprietress.

    Happy day to you Bobbie!