Sunday, June 26, 2011


I had the best day ever looking for some much "not-needed" but "much-wanted" treasures. There is not too many antique shops around my neck of the woods and what they offer is not to the tune of the primitive shopper....but every once in a while you can really find some great antiques. The first picture is of two chippy white chairs I found at one shop not far from my house last week. Then, yesterday I found this little chippy white table to go with them. I couldn't believe it! I never have that kind of luck. We had to take the legs off the table to get it in my car but while it was disassembled, I cleaned it inside and out. I love the scrub top..looks like it has had lots of use in it's time. I'm not quite sure where I am going to put it yet.

Next, is a grouping of small finds from yesterday's treasure hunt. An early sock doll, an old salt keeper, and my old, old can of "Banquet Brand Pumpkin". Although the can is still intact, someone punched a whole in the top either by accident or not so the inner contents (I'm assuming)is the dried pumpkin filling itself. It sounds like a baby rattle when I shake it. Trust me...I'm not opening it to find out!

Next, it a picture of a girl reading. I have the larger print of this in my bedroom (it's my husband's favorite...mostly because he is an avid reader) and then I found this small print. But it was the frame I fell in love with. Sorry, the reflection is a little too much.

And finally last...I bought this wooden architectual piece or maybe it was from a piece of furniture...I don't know but I thought it was interesting. I'll hang that up in my sewing room. I also picked up two little tomato pincushions with their little baby strawberry emeries and pins. Then...see the little brown bird pinkeep? I purchased him from my friend Lori Rippey, on her June update this week. I think he is so adorable. He is just the perfect size to fit in my sewing tote.

I am sorry I'm rather long winded this beautiful Sunday morning...but I had to share my finds..I don't often get out on a Saturday...especially to go treasure hunting!


  1. WOW did you hit the jackpot and all in one day! The table and chairs are my favorites - the size and that scrubbed top. Everything in this setting is so appealing to me, and that white cabinet was a real find too.

  2. Bobbie ~
    I can finally leave comments on your blog. Yippee!
    I love all your finds. Isn't it fun? I always say "need" has nothing to do with it :) I'm off to PA this week with my dearest friend from college (a LONG time!) and hope to find some treasures, too.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Ohhh, what fun! You certainly did find delightful treasures...and you display perfectly (as always). I am happy to hear that you enjoyed a lovely time.

  4. Bobbie,
    Oh what great finds! I especially love the table and chairs. Your porch is darling! You forgot to share what your sweet little grand daughter said to you out on the porch! I thought it the sweetest thing ever!! And thank you again my friend for your purchase.

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! You beat me to one of Lori's bird pincushions!!!! I had my eyes on those! lol! I LOVE that table and chair set! I like that wooden mystery thingie too! After hanging it on the wall you could pin a sampler in the big space... and also some smaller stitched pieces in the other... ooooooh! Great finds! :-)

  6. Wow Bobbie~

    Wonderful finds!! Love the table & chairs.

    Enjoy your Sunday~Becky

  7. Lots of wonderful finds and wonderful prim items to decorate with.


  8. Hey Mother,

    Even better are the kittens hidden, warm and snuggly, inside the white cabinet on the back porch.