Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Good morning..I just wanted to share a few pictures of yesterday's events. My camera was actually working! The first few are pictures of my back porch and a couple of my garden. Wish I had more time to putz in the yard and actually sit on the back porch! I am having a lot of problems with Blogger. I can't edit anything or post comments. I don't know what's up with that..it's really bugging me. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great day!

Karsyn telling one of her "stories" to Uncle Jeff.
Busy, busy...trying to make a major yard break!

Littlest grand daughter, Charlotte..with her star spangled outfit carrying Papa's tennis shoes.

Three cousins all squished in the wagon being pulled by their Uncle Jeff.

So-long...down the street they go!


  1. Great pics Bobbie! Looks like you had a fun time with family. Your porch displays are wonderful.

  2. Bobbie, the kids are getting so big, and Jeff is such a nice guy!

    You know I love your back porch, you always decorate it so nice, and it looks great as always, as does your back yard.

  3. Hi Bobbie!

    I just love your porch and it looks so cool and inviting, even though I know you said it was hot (and humid too, I bet) and just LOVE that sign....wonderful!!

    The children are so sweet, and love them riding away in the wagon...great picture!

    I too seem to be having problems with blogger...followers missing and a continual "error" on my page that just won't go away!! Sure wish I knew the "Blogger Fairy" personally, so she could fix it for me!!
    Hope you get yours fixed soon and me too!!

    Take care, and have a Blessed Day!!!