Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well...I guess I was bragging just a bit too much about my stove and shiny pots and pans...because, Monday morning I got up to the sound of sizzling and popping. It was coming from the bottom of my freezer section in my side-by-side refridgerator. It's about 13 years old and it really wasn't worth fixing to Sears we went to buy a new fridge. I'll be working till doomsday to pay for all this stuff! Since last October we've replaced our dryer, our dishwasher, our stove just last week, and now the fridge. To top it off...I dropped my cell phone in the commode while helping a patient (the commode had clean water..thank goodness!) I am off tomorrow to buy a new phone. Like I said...I'll be working till doomsday! I hope the rest of the week will be uneventful...the only appliance I have left ,is my washing machine. It's 21 years old...whoops...I didn't put that out there, did I?? LOL! I hope everyone has a peaceful..."uneventful" week!


  1. Sorry about the waterlogged phone. I guess that's a real dropped call!

  2. Bobbie ~
    Ouch! I guess you've really ticked the appliances gods!
    I did that with my cell phone once, too, but got it out in a nano second and thankfully was able to dry it out.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. yep... you may as well look at washers when you are at sears! lol! Seriously... appliances seem to go all at once... ;-)

  4. I agree with Sharon, they do seem to go all at once. But they sure don't make them like they used too! You've been blessed for having them last so long!

  5. Oh no Bobbie! Why does it have to happen that way?! No, they don't make appliances to last like they used to but after we got our new frig our electric bill went down ten dollars a month.

  6. We had that kind of year last washer, fridge, dehumidifier...I said we were just stimulating the economy!!!
    You know, I heard that if your phone gets wet, just put it into a bag of rice for a day or so and the rice will draw the moisture out of the phone. I tried it with a digital thermometer that got wet and it worked!!! Worth a try if you haven't already bought a phone.