Monday, August 1, 2011


TA-DAH!! Finally...done! It was stitched on 30 ct linen...I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon! These eyes had a hard time, but I think it turned out pretty good. I switched out some of the colors...because I read the symbols incorrectly...DUH! But I was not going to "unstitch" any part of this I made do with my mistakes. I gave it a light bath in walnut crystals and then hung it up to dry. The frame is an old one. I picked it up at a yard sale about three weeks ago for $1. It has the glass, but since I take such poor pictures anyway..I left the glass out for now. I am really itching to do some rug hooking. In 17 days it's Sauder Village time..I can't wait!!! I am determined NOT to buy wool...patterns, YES...wool NO..well...we'll see! I've been saving up my quarters and other loose change since last's sitting in mason jars just waiting for Sauder. Change, you say??? last count I had over $230 in quarters, dimes, and nickels. It ought to buy me a couple of patterns, at least! Later this week, I'll post pictures of the finds at the antique show in Allegan yesterday. It's been a long day..and I'm a bit tired. Have a good nite!


  1. Beautiful piece, and beautiful work.
    I save quarters myself, great for vacation money.


  2. I love the sampler. Sounds like you have a nice bit of mad money to take to Sauder. Have fun picking out new projects!

  3. It turned out great Bobbie! I've had that pattern for two years. You've inspired me to get stitching on mine soon! The frame you found is perfect for it.

    I wish I was going to Sauder...sigh....but won't make it again this year. Hope you find some good patterns. I save my change too. It adds up faster than you think.

  4. Beautiful sampler! As they say Never Underestimate the Power of "Change"! lol! Have fun at Sauder!

  5. Hi Bobbie,
    Congratulations on the finish....Hooray for you!! It turned out so nicely and looks great in the frame too!!
    I used to live not too far from Sauder and loved eating at the restuarant there..forget the name...and also Mom's Diner in Archibold! Have you ever been there?
    Glad you have some "mad money" to spend and hope you find some goodies!
    Have a Blessed Day~~

  6. Bobbie ~
    Great finish on the sampler. The frame is perfect.
    It's amazing how quickly the change adds up. I've been doing that for more years than I care to remember.
    What day are you going to Sauder? I think I am going on Thursday. I'm sure I'll be weak and buy wool :)
    Pug hugs :)

  7. AWESOME sampler....enjoy Sauder and take lots of pics :)