Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday was such a beautiful day...My mom and I took my daughter, Renee, shopping for her wedding gown! We went to one salon that had such a great reputation and it met all of Renee's expectations! It was the second dress she put on and we all just fell in love with it! You just "know" when it is the perfect wedding questions, no "buts"...just lots of "oohs and ahhs". The whole process took a little over an hour. She won't get the dress until January or February..and of course alterations will have to be done..but she looked breathtakingly beautiful!!! Her wedding is June 30, 2012..something she has been waiting for all of her life! Now, the dress in the picture above is not her gown...but I just had to post a wedding gown!


  1. How exciting for you and your Daughter! I've always heard that you know when it's the right one. I happened to be at the bridal store with my daughter trying on her bridesmaid dress when my son's fiancee was trying on some wedding gowns. I sat next to her Mom. She tried a few on and we both did the gasp when she walked out with one of them on. I can just imagine how her mom felt :).

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  3. Ohhhh, how very EXCITING! Congratulations! I am certain that you enjoyed a day that neither of you shall never forget...a precious time shared by mother and daughter. just knows when a wedding dress is perfect.

    Happy day to you...

  4. How wonderful! My anniversary is June 30th too!

  5. That dress is so gorgeous, I love it!
    She is going to be a beautiful bride, congratulations!