Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is my Stacy Nash sampler that I had started last week. I was stitching on 16ct linen and absolutely did not like it..It was a loose weave and my stitches kept sliding under the drove me I decided to trash it and use this linen (28CT) that is just wonderful to stitch with. There are only three colors in the sampler...DMC 869, 3781, and I changed the terra cotta 3830 (because of course I didn't have that one) to 3777. I am hoping to have it finished by the end of the week.

Well...this is the clan...all 9 of them. Some are daring for a fast is sooo hard getting these little ones to sit still for even a,my camera is a pain...I cannot seem to focus to save my life...I'm going back to my old Kodak!

These four were very photo the left is Olivia, then Karsyn, Jacob, and Brady (who is sitting)

And then we have Olivia...she LOVES the camera...she will pose and smile..doesn't matter what's going on! I took 38 pictures, and these were the only ones that came dissappointed! My husband took a whole roll of film on his 35mm...but they came out in black and white...just wasn't our day for taking pictures!


  1. Bobbie ~
    I can harldy get one grand to be still enough to get a picture, so I can't imagine 9 :)
    Love your SN sampler. I want to stitch, but I want to hook!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Love your stitching, so very pretty! Love her designs.
    My first thought when I saw all the little ones on the couch was HOW you did that LOL!! It's wonderful :) They all look so sweet!

  3. The kids are so cute in their costumes.