Saturday, August 4, 2012

HERE I GO AGAIN..... would think I would learn about "last minute projects" but OH NO....NOT me..Doing centerpieces for my son's fiance's wedding shower tomorrow turned out to be quite disappointing & challenging..first I sealed, painted, & crackled terracotta pots....

...easy enough...right??

WRONG....The humidity was so bad that as I was planting the herbs...the paint came off on my hands...every pot...UGH!

So off to the store I went to purchase 10 more pots...this time...NO PAINT! I repotted the plants and here is the end result..not too bad...but I really loved the antique look I had going..Oh well... least my tags turned out OK.

All in should be a fun day...crackled pots or not!


  1. What great centerpieces! Sorry they didn't come out as expected but the natural clay looks perfect with the herbs.

  2. Wonderful centerpieces... what a great idea... I think they turned out just lovely, even though they weren't as you had planned.... Just too bad you had to run out to buy more pots... that always causes a little un-needed stress, but in the end they were beautiful! Great job!!

  3. Hello, I still love the herb centerpieces, really neat idea.The tags are so sweet. Have fun, Blessings Francine.

  4. Wow! They look fantabulous in the terra cotta pots too! What a great idea!

    P.S. Since the crackled ones just might be dry by Christmas.... you can put red amaryllis bulbs in them and give them as gifts... want my address? lol!

  5. Bobbie ~
    Sorry they didn't work out. All that work for nothing! The end result is still wonderful and I'm sure they will be a coveted prize.
    Hugs :)

  6. What adorable centerpieces! Love the end result! Have fun, Dawn

  7. thanks for the's exaclty what would happen if I tried to make them...they turned out beautiful in the alternate version though...great centerpieces...