Saturday, January 5, 2013


Oh boy....another weekend of packing Christmas stuff should see my looks like a bomb went through it. I decided to not only put the stuff away but also clean and reorganize as I this rate it will take me weeks to go through the rubble. I'm weeding out all kinds of stuff...getting rid of a lot of Christmas stuff. I've got WAY too much...more than anyone person should have. between my cleaning madness...I decided to change it up a bit in the boudoire ( case I spelled that word wrong)...I had gift cards for all different home decor I decided to go with something light and bright...GREEN...shimmery, satiny green. I bought a white quilt with the shams, the green pillows, the multi-colored purple and green pillow. All because of this table runner that I fell in love with! I tossed in the purple/white afghan that I crocheted for my grandma years ago. It's a little loud, but a bit cheerier than my brown quilt. Now I just have to buy some new know how it is...once you just can't stop..I'd better get back to my basement!


  1. Very pretty! That's me, start one thing and it just leads to something else. LOL!

  2. Very pretty colors Bobbie. I think the afghan looks perfect. It's always refreshing to change things up a bit. Hugs, Lori

  3. Bobbie ~
    I think that same bomb went off in my basement AND attic. I'm still taking stuff down. That's what happens when you put up too much :)
    Your bedroom looks wonderful. Very inviting.
    Hugs :)

  4. Great room re-do! I think we all have the urge for some color after all the Christmas gets stashed away. I've got glitter and dust to clean up before I start some Spring decorating... lol