Sunday, February 24, 2013


Well...we came back from our little overnite stay in Walnut Creek. The weather was horrible going down..snow and ice, then my husband's windshield wiper flew off on the turnpike in the middle of nowhere..but we mangaged to make it. Nothing can stop a hooker from reaching her destination! I was dissapointed in the shopping, however. I only bought this pattern and these 2 pieces of wool...the Country Cupboard was sorely lacking in wool, for some reason..oh well...I'll just wait for the Ann Arbor hook in to buy wool. A pattern by Marlene Troyer called "Meadow Whimsey". Below is my rug progress or lack of.... I'm running out of my reversible black...
The big buy of the trip.....two stuffed husband bought them for the we have 9 grandchildren and only 2 bunnies...hmm.. it ought to be interesting! Not one antique to be had...most of our money was spent eating at the Amish Restaurants..good food..but boy oh boy have they raised their prices...guess it's just a sign of the times! Have a great evening..sure am going to miss Downton Abbey tonight!


  1. I find that when I am looking for something in a new area, I find nothing, lol. The best finds are the ones you run into when you travel around, but always fun to go somewhere new and explore.


  2. Bobbie ~
    I think you've made great progress on your rug!!! It is gorgeous. The colors are so much better in person. It's so hard to capture the true colors on digital cameras.
    I am sure you will find LOTS of wool at the Ann Arbor hook-in. I know I am looking forward to it.
    Hugs :)

  3. When and where is the Ann Arbor hook in?
    Your hubby did good on those great bunnies!
    It is fun to get away but no place like home.
    hae a great day.

  4. I'm sorry you didn't have luck at Country Craft Cupboard. They usually have lots of bolts and a whole cabinet full of dyed wool. :( I will be going down in April for a hook-in and they better have plenty of wool, lol.

  5. Love the rug Bobbie ~ sorry you didn't have luck shopping. I hate when that happens!

  6. I think the reason you didn't find more wool is b/c they just held their annual PJ Sale Party. I was there a couple of weeks ago and they were low on a lot of supplies. Don't give up - it's still a great place/area to shop.

  7. OMG!! we live in Colorado and have family in the Canton area. Every time we go to Ohio we go to the Country Cupboard - one of my favorite places!! I am a little jealous - did you go to Heineys Cheese? mmmm cheese!!