Saturday, April 6, 2013


Last year, after spending a small fortune on topiaries, plants, and succulents, to be able to give her place card table a garden look, I decided to try to make some topiaries on my own. Although the plants were real for the soon as I brought them in the house...they died after a couple of weeks. I just do not have enough sun in my "faux" it is! Between Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree Store..I was able to make a couple of faux rosemary trees for myself. They are by far not perfect...but they will look ok once I get them "accessorized"..
The little black urns were from HL at $3.00 each. The rosemary bush was $5. I bought the moss & the foam at the dollar store.

I cut the rosemary from the main stem & trimmed them up, cutting off the plastic stubs. I then wrapped 1 stem at a time until I got the fullness I wanted. I used 5 stems for each.

I then wrapped the wooden dowel with the florist tape, smoothed over the stems as best I could and then poked it into the foam which was already in the little urn. I then wet the moss, squeezed out the excess water, and tucked it into the pot as tightly as I could. Then....I took some of the little plant pieces, looped a little wire around them and poked them into the pot.

Like I said..they are far from perfect...but it sure beats paying a ton of money for one! Next ones I make with have a bigger pot...hopefully one of those rusty metal pots! Tomorrow...I'll post some pics of the succulent arrangment I made in a bird cage..but for now...I have to clean up a REALLY big mess!


  1. I think it looks great!!!! Very cute!
    Happy Spring

  2. I love them, I think they look great. I bought some at Joanne Fabrics, they are succulents and they look so real. The real ones die inside for me too!

  3. I'm all for faux plants!!! I don't have good luck with the real thing either.... and these faux topiaries that you made are just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing how you made them....

  4. Looks great and they look wonderful in the urns!

  5. Very nice! I think they turned out great. Thanks for sharing.