Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well...I think this part-time stuff is going pretty well...except my husband keeps insisting on taking me places.(yep...lot's of arm twisting going on) was back to the Frankenmuth area, Mike's Antiques, to be exact to purchase an old primitive cupboard that I fell in love with last Friday.  He didn't think I had room, but I convinced him otherwise this off we went.  Thankfully, it was still there.  This particular dealer has a large area in the corner of the mall...her booth name is "The Parson's Wife" or real name, Robin.  She has the most beautiful primitive pieces.  I don't know where she manages to find them.  They are all time worn, with the beautiful, rich colors of wood.  Her displays are wonderful!  I'm sure I'll be playing with this one many times over....but for stays put!

Still hooking away on my Lori Brechlin rug, "Daisy".  I took it to Holly Hills yesterday for hooking and they thought it was a Democratic rug...LOL!!  They didn't realize that Lori has real donkeys on her funny!  I should be finished with it this weekend.

Speaking of Holly Hills....Dawn's husband Dick has made the most beautiful reproduction buttery!!  It is simply to die for!  He has also fashioned a wonderful, wonderful wood, fireplace piece that would look perfect in any room of the house!  Dick does a fantastic job reproducing pieces that I would have never thought possible!  The painted finishes are so old to the touch.  Dawn's Christmas Open house will be November 2nd & 3rd.  If you are in the area, please stop is a picture of Dawn's fireplace made by her husband...enjoy!

And.......the buttery.....GORGEOUS!


  1. Bobbie,
    I absolutely love your new old cupboard.
    Did Dawn hook the rug over the fireplace? It is gorgeous.
    This weather is lovely, isn't it? It can stay like this and then get nice.
    Hugs :)

  2. LOVE your new cupboard! I can sure see why you wanted it. Still didn't get my furniture moved around. I was just too beat. Thank you for sharing Dick's furniture, you're just too sweet!

  3. the cupboard is wonderful, just love it!
    and the fireplace too!

  4. What a grand find !
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your new piece...isn't it exciting to WIN OUT ... LOL Glad you were able to get it.
    Was The Parson's Wife at Dawns' show - it sounds so familiar.
    I saw Dawn's new pieces on her blog - how fortunate she is to have her husband make things for the shop and not have to buy and then resell.

  6. Love your new cupboard and how wonderful that it was still there! So many times that does not happen when we pass up something, only to return later and find it gone!!
    I also love the fireplace and buttery....both gorgeous!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Warm Hugs~~

  7. Love your new cupboard. Glad it was still there waiting for you....must have been meant to be. Dick does wonderful work. Thanks for posting the pics.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Bobbie,
    Your antique cupboard is the best! And Dick's newest creations are wonderful too. Thanks for showing us. Wish I could come down again for the open house but just can't this year. Hugs, Lori

  9. Oh my! Love it all!!!!! Love the cupboard! I love the wood on it... such a warm color!

    And yes, that hearth is fabulous!

    Have a wonderful night!!!!!