Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I don't think I can remember when it's been this cold.  I'm sure it has been, I just don't remember.    The roads are horrible..... Nothing but sheets of ice.   To top it off, we had to cancel rug hooking tomorrow.....I'm so bummed!  With the holidays, the Holly Hookers haven't hooked together in a month!   I'm going through withdrawals and I need my fix....darn weather!    I wanted to go to Joann's to buy some baby yarn to start crocheting a baby afghan, but my car won't start.  Oh well, might as well keep warm by the nice fire my husband started.  Have a safe and warm night!


  1. Sorry about your hooking group meeting. My daughter works in an ER in Chicago and they are working feverishly to save the homeless. One even came in with his little dog and they were both near death. They were able to save both! This cold is dangerous. Glad you have a fire to sit by. Everyone stay warm.

  2. It's even cold in Florida.I have my heat on and i'm still cold.i never turn the heat on and I'm never cold.

  3. It really is a cold winter, for most of us. I wish I had a fireplace, would be a nice place to relax and stitch.


  4. Yes, better to just stay by the cozy fire, darn weather is right, dang Polar Vortex....Blessings Francine.

  5. Sit by the fire and stitch ;)
    We have even had businesses close and all of the area schools were closed yesterday due to the cold.
    Warmer temps. should arrive later this week.

  6. I hope, by now, your horrid weather has departed.
    Stay cozy, stay safe ...

  7. A baby afghan? A yellow and gray one? ;)

  8. It certainly has been a bitter cold Winter so far. Wishing you warmth, a hookers gathering and a car that starts in your very near future :)


  9. Hi Bobbie,
    I hope the weather has turned by now and that you have been able to get back to rug hooking! How well I remember those cold days living in MI by the lake.......I was ALWAYS COLD during the winter!! Brrrr!! Hope your car is working as well!!
    Take care and enjoy that lovely fire!!
    Warm Hugs~