Tuesday, March 11, 2014


.......for my daughter's baby shower, which is on March 22.  So...only about a week and a half to prepare.  Her and I have been bagging, tagging, and ribbon-ing all the shower favors.  Using this little "Miracle" saying as her theme.   We are really enjoying this time together and planning for the baby!  

This old frame will be turned into a vintage chalkboard for a "Welcome" greeting as her guests enter into the hall.  At least that's our plan!  I've never used chalkboard paint before...so we'll see how it goes! We just need to come up with one or two games to be played...most women hate those "baby" games...me included..but they do make it kind of fun!

My daughter-in-law's baby shower is April 19th....just 4 weeks from this one...so needless to say...we'll still be knee-deep in shower doings till then!!  But it's all fun and exciting!


  1. So much fun, before and after, Blessings Francine,

  2. Exciting and congrats!!! But your not going to be a vendor at Dawns? :0(

  3. Baby Showers are so much fun to plan ! I have only had the opportunity to plan one, but I am hoping with three daughters to have many more !

  4. You are in the same situation as we are with two babies due a month apart. Two baby showers two weeks apart. I'm trying to finish up two baby quilts. These little ones will be my great grandchildren however. Best of luck to you and yours an I wish you much happiness!

  5. Fun game. Take a big glass bowl and fill with several bags of raw white rice. Take a package of safety pins in all sizes and mix well into rice. Blindfold the person who's turn it is and have them on a timer to see how many safety pins they can pull out of the bowl. They cannot empty the bowl. Has to remain in the bowl. You will be amazed at how hard it is to find the silly things. The one with the most pins pulled wins. Just remix well after each person. Make your prize something they really really want and everyone will chime right in. Try it yourself first and see

  6. Hi Bobbie. I was hoping to see you at Dawn's on the 22nd. I hope you have a great time at the shower. Have a great week.