Sunday, June 1, 2014


Yesterday, I had "carte blanche" to do and go where I wanted (hubby was busy with VFW stuff), so I decided to go to a couple of antique malls.  Now...mind you...neither of these malls as what I would call great...they sell a ton of glassware and a lot of flea market type stuff...but every once in a while I get lucky & luckily for me...the dealers prices on primitive stuff is usually very, very here goes...lots of pictures: nice little, hand-made primitive doll that is as cute as can be, an old-old, wooden checkerboard (the wood has the most beautiful crack with make-do repair in the back), and a nice stack of fresh feedsacks.

Next, is a few pieces of brown transfer ware...ranging in price from $1.00 to $10...mostly around $5.

Then...I couldn't help myself...but this stack of paper mache boxes were $1.99.  I know...a little too 90's country with the stenciling and all....but I can use them for my fabric covered boxes and sewing needfuls.

Now onto the stitching:  I've been stitching small samplers getting ready for the show in September.  These are designs by Stacy Nash and Tina Woltman.   I've had to resize and rearrange the designs to fit the antique frames I have in my stash.  There's nothing more discouraging, than stitching a sampler and not being able to find a frame to fit it.   But they have been so much fun to stitch.  I tried using Osnaburg...but don't really like it.  I'm back to my 28ct and 30ct linen. 

Last but not least...I crochet'd this little sunbonnet for my sweet little Rory...

 And speaking of she is...she is up to 6lbs. 10 oz now and trying to make sounds...especially at night when mommy and daddy are trying to sleep! Have a great Sunday!


  1. Those stacking boxes are awesome. Didn't realize they were out of date.

  2. Love all of your finds, your cross stitch is amazing. Little Rory is a sweetheart. Lecia

  3. Bobbie,
    Sure wish we were a bit closer so we could go be bad together!!! Great finds.
    Lovin' your cross stitch. Yes, finding the right size frame can be problematic.
    Rory is just too cute!!!
    Happy Sunday :)

  4. Great finds and Rory is growing and looking beautiful.


  5. Hey Bobbie, love all your goodies, how great to find them. Oh my, to cute that sweet bundle with her new sun bonnet, Blessings Francine.

  6. Good morning Bobbie,
    You found some very wonderful items - and especially those boxes...what a steal...they might as well have just given them away for that price!!
    Oh my adorable Rory - my she has grown - so much beautiful hair too.

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