Saturday, July 26, 2014

Busy Summer....

 I can't believe how fast this summer is passing!  I have been so busy...babysitting...visiting with friends and family.....and trying to be creative.  I changed a few things in my living room...I brought up this 
old crock cupboard/bench that was in my basement and decided to put all my crocks in one place.  I don't have a huge collection and most of them have cracks or chips...but that's ok...I love them just the same!  I've also been doing some punch needle projects to sell at the show in September. 
 I figured out...after an afternoon of stressing...if you lose your needle threader to your needle punch tool....go to Joann's or Michael' the jewelry section....look for the wire on a's a 34 gauge wire for $1.99.  I just made my own....I'm sick of trying to find those threaders that are not only costly..but so easy to lose...I'll have a lifetime of threaders on one spool!  Below, is a small hooked rug I hooked a couple of weeks ago....I still have to bind it...oh well....add it to the pile!
This is a stack of old feedsacks and homespuns that I found at an antique mall about an hour from my house.  The blue calico is a quilt, I bought for $12 dollars.  I love blue calico and it's getting harder to find.   I'll be using the fabric for some of my pinkeeps.

The Harvest at the Mill show, in Holly Michigan, will be here before you know it.  I still have lots too do....Tomorrow, we're going to Allegan Michigan for their monthly antique show.  WE haven't been this year yet and its the only weekend I have rain or shine, we're going!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your punch needle tip for threaders! Gonna give it a try! Always searching for my threaders!! What fantastic goodies you found, love the fabrics! Your crocks look beautiful!

  2. I love your cracked crock collection. Most of mine are cracked, too. I couldn't afford them if they weren't.
    So happy you found someplace to antique today!
    That is one big punch needle piece. Looking forward to seeing the finish.
    Happy antiquing!

  3. Oh, and thanks for sharing the wire threader tip :)

  4. Love your new pieces, wonderful items to make for the show.
    That is a nice pile of homespuns and good deals, I love thrifting, you never know what you find.


  5. Morning Bobbie - oh I am so sad that I can't go to Dawn's many wonderful Primitive and antique vendors....waaahhhh!!
    Aren't old chippy crocks the best...I don't go in for the costly ones - I don't mind that they look like they have been well used and loved.
    So...I'm doing needle punch for my Christmas show and I really don't know how much to charge for them....they will be going on old bread boards (hornbooks). I'm at a loss to know how much.

    Goodness I passed up some wonderful feed sacks a couple weeks ago at a flea market. If they have them again in Sept. I'm buying them.


  6. Love, love, love your crock bench and crocks - just perfect (imperfections and all)! ?Jane

  7. Hope you had a good time in Allegan. We did the show last month and it rained a bit. Love your crock bench and I too have crocks with cracks or missing a handle. I still love em. You sound like many projects going, with none quite finished. I will be treasure hunting at the antique trail in the Thumb next weekend. See you soon at Holly! Janice