Sunday, November 9, 2014


Since I'm retired...I have no excuse not to start getting my home ready for the holidays... I started in the, purging, decorating...etc.  I love the new bolster pillow I bought from Holly Hills Primitives...Just a few little touches here and there.....

Corner of the room....My old walnut dresser...I need to buy new hardward for the drawer pulls...but I love this dresser..on the back is hand written the name and address of the purchaser in Ohio dated cool!!  I bought it about 15 years ago for $ is as heavy as can be!                                                                                

My Arnett Santa riding a their work..and it's made in the USA....I would, someday, love to  have an Arnett's Santa in every room!!   The feather tree is an old one..some of the goose feather branches are missing.  The wax sheep I received as a gift over 7 years ago...they still smell like cinnamon!

Well....that's it for now...I have a fun filled, busy week ahead..Have a great Sunday!! 


  1. Bobbie it all looks great!!! Love the Arnett Santa...they make great Santas.

  2. Looks great and Daisy has the perfect spot.
    Happy Sunday!
    Hugs :)

  3. I drool over the Arnett Santa's I see online...yours is perfect on that sheep...I
    m still cleaning and purging...decorating might wait until next year...except for Mom's room!

  4. Love that pillow, nice idea for holiday pillows. I have seen people who sell the designs to print out, but wondering if I could design my own with photoshop. Love your decorations in the room.


  5. I love how pretty everything is and I love that rug. I saw it on our face book group. It was nice to see your blog,