Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Well...another Wednesday...and it's snowing like crazy out.  It was my first chance this new year to go hooking in Holly...but the roads, I'm told, are I sit at home.  You'd think I would be ambitious and get some cleaning and reorganizing done...but nope...I'm just sitting here on the old laptop...trying to think of something clever to blog about...nothing clever...but I did want to share something that my dear, sweet friend, Melissa, brought me on her last visit...

It's this vintage/antique  instruction book on just about every kind of embroidery stitch you could imagine.  The first edition was published in 1920, with the seventh impression in 1959..which is the book I have.    It was published in London, England.

Beautifully, illustrated in black and white, with two inserts being in color.  It tells of the use of each type of stitch...whether it be a background stitch, a cross stitch, or a darning stitch.  In the author's own words:

 "Without stitches, there could be no art of embroidery.  They are the means by which fanciful ideas and memories of pleasant things can be figured upon fabrics.".

Such a delightful way of  explaining our joy in stitching, rug hooking, needle punch or just about any form of needlework!

Have a great day...stay safe and warm!


  1. What a wonderful book and great for inspiration.


  2. Hi Bobbie, love the book, wonderful insperation.Blessings Francine.

  3. Sorry you couldn't go hooking :(
    What a fun book from Melissa. She finds the best gifts.
    15 days until Sauder!
    Hugs :)

  4. Bobbie,
    Sorry you couldn't get to Holly for rug hooking. I know how much you look forward to it. And now with Kris having her supplies there it will be an extra treat for you rug hooking gals!!
    That looks like a neat old book. How sweet of Melissa to give it to you.
    Have a good day my friend. Hugs, Lori

  5. The roads were horrible...hope you made it to Holly alright. What an awesome book. Janice

  6. Smart cookie you are to stay off the roads...sometimes it's nice to be snowed in and relax a bit. Great book!

  7. Hi Bobbie,
    What a wonderful old book!! Great find by Melissa, and great read for you!! I love the cover!!
    Glad you decided to stay safe and hope you can venture out soon!!
    Sending warm hugs~