Thursday, July 9, 2015


Those are two words and colors I hope to never hear or see again in the same sentence after February...We have a pink and black bathroom from the 50's that we are just now getting to January we'll start ....but since I have lived with it for 27 years I've had to make the most of it...While in Missouri last summer, we went to Wooly Woolen Rug Studio.  Janice has the most wonderful designs, catering to wide strip hooked this rug incorporating different shades of pink and muted shades of black.  I finally was able to bind it last night and plopped it right down on the ugly pink floor...but it looks pretty good (I guess)....It'll just have to do until we get our new bathroom...

Now I'm off to Hobby Lobby to see if they have any pink burlap flowers (is that even possible??)  Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Beautiful rug--maybe your disguise the bathroom

  2. I don't consider that rug "pink". I consider it wonderful!
    I sure wish I could get rid of my pink bathroom, too...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  3. for all that pink it sure is a gorgeous prim rug...there are many rugs I'd love to hook from Wooly Woolens...wouldn't know where to start if I saw the studio person...