Friday, October 9, 2015


....I just couldn't do it....stitch without a hoop, that is.  I did really good on my last sampler, going hoopless, but this linen is a larger count and for some reason it just messed me back to the hoop I went...sure takes longer to stitch....This is a sampler I'll be selling on EWM next week, at 9pm on the 14th.  Boy....that month sure did fly by...

This is my "take-along" rug that I hook with my Holly Hookers on Wednesdays.  It's a cute little rug by the Star Rug Company.  

Easy hooking when your gabbing with 8 other ladies.  The lighter beige is a little too white for me, so I'll have to dab it with some walnut dye when I'm done.

Yeah...well...last Saturday we had an "attic purge party" at our house.  We rented a dumpster just because we didn't want to make multiple trips to our DPW dump.......This was a 20 yarder and I honestly thought it would be way too big....guess again...we filled it...with everything from baby furniture (from 43 years, 5 kids ago), two old twin beds, a mattress, multiple pieces of old wood, Christmas yard crap, Halloween yard crap,, cabbage patch dolls, you name it we found it...about fifty high school trophies from my kids' glory days (nope...they didn't want a single one), boxes and boxes of cards, letters, all stored neatly in totes...but it all needed to go.  I did manage to find about $300 worth of antiques that I forgot I had...

And then....our littlest grandchild, Alexandra, all decked out in her little raincoat and boots.  She is living in South Carolina with her mom...So excited that they are going to be here for Thanksgiving...YAY!! They live in Charleston not too far from the horrendous flooding that has occurred over the past week, but thankfully, their subdivision has not flooded.  Praying for those people who have lost loved one and have been devastated by this disaster. 


  1. I cannot stitch in a hoop, lol.
    Love the rain outfit, she looks so cute.


  2. Morning Bobbie, me no stitch a hoop either..... What a sweetie, so so cute.Have a great weekend,Francine.

  3. OMG Bobbie. I just was talking to Bob the other day about what we are going to do with our stuffed attic. So glad I am not alone. LOL Right now I am using a hoop but have stitched without as well. So glad you grand baby is safe. Have an awesome weekend! Janice

  4. Hi again Bobbie. For some reason you came in a as a no reply blogger on my blog. Our store is open 7 days 11am to 6pm, however Bob and I will not be here tomorrow. I don't usually work, but if I know you are coming I would be here. Take care, Janice

  5. Bobbie ~
    I need to purge my attic, too, but probably never will. I just have a problem getting rid of things...sigh.
    I've never stitched without a hoop. One of these days in my spare time (hahaha), I need to give it a try.
    So happy the littlest grandbabe is safe.
    Hugs :)