Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Had fun today taking down Halloween decor and bringing up my early, wood decor from the basement.  I've been busy.  Saturday, we had our annual Halloween party for the grandchildren.  I was tired out by the time they left !!  They're getting too big for playing my corny games like, musical chairs, pass the pumpkin (aka hot potato).  They just wanted to run around and chase each other.  

This is ten of them .  As you can see... The little tiger on top wasn't too happy !

Then this is the 11th baby girl in South Carolina..., Alexandra.  Her mommy dressed her up like a troll.., that poor little thing! Blue hair and all !!

Putzing in the kitchen.  Bringing up some stuff from the basement and taking stuff down ..

Well... That's it for tonight.  I'm so excited...Saturday,  I'm  heading down to the Gathered  Treasures show with Earlene and Nancy, then stopping by Simple Goods &then off to Seville.  I'll be meeting up with good pals Melissa, Lauren and  Sheila.  It's always great fun!!


  1. That is quite a handful but fun exhaustion;)
    Love your decorations, I need to make mine more uniform, maybe I will have Bill make me some wood boards to put things on.


  2. Now that's a party!!!!!!
    Wheres your costume?

  3. How cute is that Troll, adorable.... Awwww, wish I was heading out to Simple Goods again, would love to meet you and the girls. Have fun, give Earlene a hug from me,Blessings Francine.

  4. What an awesome pic of most of your grand children all at once. Love the decor! Janice