Thursday, April 7, 2016


I think there's a reason why my husband is always wanting to go places with me when we're not baby sitting's because I am always playing around with my furniture and fixin's in the house.  Well...I decided to move that blue/green table into the kitchen as a makeshift island. (After had been in the front hallway for almost three weeks).  I think it looks pretty good & will probably stay there for a little while...well...that is until my DH stubs his toe on it in the middle of the night!

We're hosting Rory's birthday party on Saturday, so I figure, if nothing else, or if someone makes a comment like, "What the heck is that table doing in the middle of the kitchen", I'll nicely tell them it's for serving the pizza!

Speaking of birthdays....this little gal, sweet little grand daughter from my son, Shane & his wife Jen, turned six today!  Hard to believe!!

I guess the days of bringing cupcakes to school are long they bring donuts!!'s certainly easier on mom!!


  1. Hahaha love it. I make a point of pointing out to my hubby if I move something for those very same toe stubbing reasons.

  2. The table makes a perfect kitchen island!
    Charlotte is a little cutie.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love the table there, makes a nice piece for the kitchen and practical too.


  4. It seemed perfect in your foyer but I love it as a kitchen island Enjoy serving pizza

    linda m

  5. That table was born to be there!

  6. Love the table in the kitchen. It's perfect!

  7. Hi Bobbie,
    I have a table very similar to yours and just love it!! Yours looks perfect as an island and I have used mine for that as well!! Your little Charlotte is so cute and I love the idea of donuts!!!! Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog too!!
    Have a lovely party!
    Warm Hugs~