Thursday, April 28, 2016

SO READY FOR WARM WEATHER..... supposed to be spring....SPRING...heading toward May...heading toward summer...and here we are with temps in the low 30's at night....can't plant a darn thing....My buddy, Earlene, Primitive Passion Decorating, and I went to a local nursery, which has thee best prices and selections for all gardening needs.  Earlene had never heard of it before....Block's Nursery & Greenhouse...located, literally, at the backdoor of Detroit Metro is a historic landmark!  The airport tried to push the Block family out, but everyone in southeastern Michigan fought back...and they were able to keep their is a picture of what I bought:

It was a fun day!  Earlene's van was full!! Her beautiful yard is going to be featured in the Livingston County Garden Tour this July...can't wait to see all of her lovely gardens in full bloom!

I've been busy making some jewelry...getting ready for a show.  It's the first time I attemped to stitch on 40 count...not my favorite, but like everything get used to the pain! Not used to making jewelry, either..but I had a fun time!

Last but not our Rory...she is two years old now & is so much fun!   We have her four days a weeks and now that she's older...she loves to go shopping & to the park...

 Well...that's it for now...have a great week....hopefully, the weather will be a little kinder!


  1. Morning Bobbie, yes, the weather sucks here too!!!!! You have great looking plants there, hope you get to plant them soon..... Can't wait to see Earlene's yard, she is such a great decorater in and out..... Love your jewelry, those are very sweet.......Rory is a living doll, so cute...Blessings Francine.

  2. Great jewelry! I didn't know it was you that Earlene was going shopping with! I'll have to check her blog to see what was in her van. I have hard clay with blue slime clay beneath. No plants for me! Cutie pie Rory is.

  3. Same here, waiting on warmer weather. I've enjoyed seeing other's spring flowers since we have so few here in Central NY. Sounds like a fun and productive trip to choose flowers, yours are so pretty! Little Rory is a cutie, bet she's tons of fun, too! I think your jewelry is great, really like the cross-stitch lockets, good job!!!

  4. The jewelry is wonderful and a great item for a show.
    Rory is adorable and such a fun age, sure miss not being able to do things with Nick, everything is more fun with a grandchild. And you can go rock hunting anywhere, rivers are also a good place to look, or lakes, anywhere where the rocks get tumbled a bit is good, that helps to make shapes.


  5. Love the stitched necklaces ! Very sweet.
    We are longing for warmer breezes also.
    Just cold and drippy here in PA.

  6. Ahhhh... flower time! You've made a lovely selection too! Love the jewelry and Rory is as cute as a button! Gotta love those "movie star" shades! :-)

  7. I'm lovin' the jewelry. That would be a great weekend project if I could just find my hardware-lol. :-)

  8. Are there necklaces stitched still for sale? If so please let me know!