Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Today was hooking day in Holly...I hadn't been in a few weeks so it was fun to get together with my peeps.....We always have a little show and tell in the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of our hooking time....whatever floats our boats.  These gals are so talented!!!

First, is a group of sewing pockets.  THis pink beauty was stitched and sewn together by Wendy...

I just love all the little comparments for scissors, needles,'s just beautiful with the soft pink and beautiful green...Below, is another sewing pocket made by is a Maggie B design...I've got the pattern for this's beautiful! 

With the flap has her intials with a deep pockets for needfuls.

This sewing pocket was sewn by Sue...the same Maggie B design but with different colors of wool.  So beautiful!!!

Last but not least...these sweet little straight pins given to all of us from Linda...I just love them! They will stay in my stitching box!  Great to have them to mark and keep track of my stitches!

It was such a fun day!  Dawn, proprietor of Holly Hills Primitives...made a special hooking room for us and bought this awesome 10 foot long table for us to sit at:


  1. What a group of talented ladies Those sewing pouches are beautiful using the same pattern in different colors is so nice to see Gets the ideas flowing Thank you for sharing pictures
    linda m

  2. I just love those sewing pockets! I thought that was you hiding in the picture Dawn posted on FB.

  3. Wonderful sewing kits and pockets. I have a lot of patterns for both, need to make myself a larger one.


  4. Hi Bobbie,
    Such beautiful pockets!! It looks like you had a wonderful time with lots of other talented gals! The pins will be just perfect for your sewing basket and that table.........WOW!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend and that the weather is warming so those flowers can get planted!!
    Warm Hugs~