Thursday, June 30, 2016


I'm in South Carolina as I post this...and I can't wait to get back home.  It's been a bit of a stressful trip...not to mention that the contractors started working on our bathrom while we are 800 miles away..but we were afraid that if we delayed them these few would set our remodel back another here we are, in hot, hot humid SC.

The final set of Sally and Randy's house....enjoy! Beautiful, early Pennsylvania Dutch style shelf, housing her beautiful stoneware...this is in her kitchen

These are their beautiful open shelving in kitchen....with more collections to share....

This is the first floor bathroom....

A sweet early box, housing a little sheep and candle....

Love this candle box shelf hanging on the wall near their tub...

And I love the simplicity of this towel rack...

This is their upstairs tub, but a beautiful shower and lots of goodies to see...

A gorgeous, early shelf hangin on the bathroom wall, displaying Sally's early collections of books, baskets, and boxes

A sweet bench sitting in a hallway leading to the two bedrooms on the second floor.

This is a guest bedroom.  Love the windows!

A nice, early cupboard hoousing more of Sally's collections...

A smaller guest room...just beautiful!!!

And I love the wood floors...most are original to the house...

Sally and Randy have three sweet kitties and a dog...Randy made the kitties a little doorway from their door, leading to the basemnt....and of course....Sally had to make it more welcoming for them by adding a cute little wreath!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I keep saying...."there is no place like home...there is no place like home.."  We'll be leaving on Sunday moring...early...hopefully driving straight through...Hope you enjoyed seeing my friends' home...I can't wait to go back!!


  1. Morning Bobbie, just wiping the drool away, what a gorgeous primitive home. So many treasures I love, the sweet bench and I sure could stay in the cosy guest bedroom, love!!!!! Hugs Francine.

  2. LOVE that house!! Try to enjoy your time there!

  3. Your friends' home is beautiful.....warm and inviting. Thank her for allowing you to post these pictures and that you for taking them. Breathtaking. Safe travels home.

  4. Bobbie you two need to relax and enjoy your trip. At least your missing the crazy mess!!!!
    It is just as hot here.
    Sallys house is so fantastic and had to giggle when I saw the wreath over the cat door.
    going to look again!!!
    Safe travels home and talk to you soon.

  5. Very nice. Be careful and have a safe trip home.

  6. Just beautiful!
    Safe travels :)
    Happy 4th to you and hubby.

  7. Wow! Wonderful home and collections all lovingly and perfectly displayed! LOVE the little kittie door! Thank you Bobbie and Sally for allowing us to tour your awesome home! Cathy G.

  8. So wonderful! Thank you for sharing more of this fabulous home with us, Bobbie! Safe travels home. I hope your remodel goes smoothly. Lori

  9. Hi Bobbie,
    Love the second installment of Sally's home!!! I just love so many things....especially that darling putz sheep in the sweet!!! The bench is awesome too!! I would be excited to visit ANYTIME!!!
    Heart Hugs~