Wednesday, August 10, 2016


My fraternal grandmother, was from Madrid, Spain.  When she was just a young woman, she moved to Cuba, I believe it was in the 1920's. It was there she met and married my grandfather...she then had one child, a son,  who is my father.  My grandmother, who I called Mima, was a wonderful embroiderer and seamstress.  When her husband died, she and my father, Roberto, moved to the Detroit area.

Mima worked at the Fisher Bldg, on Woodward Ave in Detroit, as a maker of wedding gowns.  She did the lacework, the embroidery, and all of the fine handwork on wedding gowns made for the rich and not so rich...In her free time, she would sit and embroider, making gifts for others to cherish and enjoy.  I was her only grandchild.  Although my mother and Roberto, divorced when I was just three, I still kept in touch with my father...not so much.   In fact, I haven't seen or heard from him in 40 years...

Yesterday, while cleaning out a closet....I found my beautiful white, embroidered bedspread, with my father's initials "R.B." in the middle of this treasure.  When my mom gave it to me years and years ago, she said that Mima had made it for them as a wedding gift.   I knew I had it, but was afraid to use it.  It does have a few little rust stains and one small hole on it, but for the most part it looks pretty darn good.  I washed it on the most delicate cycle and air dried it.  I need to press it a bit...and then I would like to put it on the full size bed in my guest room..

These are just a few pictures of the bedspread...

Although, my grandmother has been gone for a while's nice to have a treasure where her memory and talent will live on.  

Sometimes, I think, that we who love needlework, rug hooking, or any craft, really do not appreciate the gifts that God has given us.  We make things here and there...maybe give them away as gifts or sell them...and then move onto the next project.    But one day, when a gal is cleaning out a closet, an attic, or a basement....she might come upon a treasure that was made long ago by someone she dearly loved........and that treasure will begin a new life!


  1. That is an awesome beautiful treasure Bobbie! My grandmother was a seamstress as well. Janice

  2. Lovely sentiments . . . so happy you have this treasure to remember her by!

  3. What a wonderful treasure and story about it's history and your grandmother.
    I would like to make something for each of my siblings that they can have and give to their kids someday, it is a blessing that we can create things for others.


  4. Hi Bobbie,
    Such a lovely story as well as a beautiful treasure to cherish!! I think you expressed just perfectly how those of us who create would love to know that our humble handmades are valued and enjoyed for years to come!! I know your grandma has certainly passed on her talents to you!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. This is a beautiful and special gift.
    Glad you are bringing it out and using it.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely story.

  6. You are lucky and blessed to hold something in your hands and heart that they held in theirs. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow that is so wonderful Bobbie, you are blessed.Hugs Francine.

  8. What an awesome piece of needlework to have that you Grandmother made - such a treasure! So glad you found it again. Enjoy.................

  9. An absolute gem! Definitely should be displayed and enjoyed!

  10. Hi Bobbie - now may I ask, were you named 'Roberta' after your father Roberto? Just a curious thought. Such a beautiful names.
    I loved the story of your family - but am saddened that you haven't heard from your father.
    The bedspread is just gorgeous. Your grandmother was beyond talented!!!

  11. Una hermosa historia para una colcha preciosa. Mantendrás viva la memoria de tu abuela española.
    Desde Ciudad Real, en el corazón de la Mancha, España. Saludos.

    A beautiful story for a beautiful bedspread. Will keep the memory of your Spanish grandmother alive.
    From Ciudad Real, in the heart of La Mancha, Spain. Greetings.