Monday, August 22, 2016


Finally..I can post some pictures of my new bathroom and laundry/ in mind...I kept it very simple....lots of neutral, mainly whites...and nothing primitive about it...more of a farmhouse here we go.....Here's the old pink and black.... vanity...where the corner tub once was and the toilet stayed in the same spot...but different toilet with floating shelves....

Another shot of my vanity with light fixture...the mirror was from Hobby Lobby (after days, nights, weeks shopping on line for a mirror...found this one at my HL)....

Now....this is where the old vanity was...

And this is where the new tub and shower  are now located...We were able to expand the bathroom about 5 feet because they went into the bedroom and used the closet area for the tub. (my plan..don't ever let a contractor tell you "it's impossible"...believe me...that wasn't in my vocabulary!)

My little primitive stand....I had to add a little prim to the mix

My little $40 pie safe now holds my towels.....

Ok...onto the bi-fold doors...the wall next to these doors are where the closet doors once were..

hiding my washer and dryer....can't tell you how much I love having this upstairs!!

We painted the bedroom over the weekend....again, a little plain..neutral...but easy and clean looking..

 This area is a little sparse...but I couldn't decide what to add quite yet...

All in took about seven weeks for them from start to finish....they were a great group of guys, couldn't have been happier with the's onto the kitchen...but that'll have to wait for another year!


  1. Looks awesome Bobbie! Love your lil prim touches too. See you soon. Janice

  2. Wow!!! These new renovations look totally awesome!! I love the more neutral palettes so that you can add pops of color if you choose. All of the spaces look so fresh and homey. Your workers did a great job and your finishing touches are perfect. Enjoy these big changes!!! Can't wait to see what happens in the kitchen.

  3. what a beautiful change ~ so calm & peaceful! and I LOVE your new blog header too!!

  4. Wow!!!! Turned out fabulous Bobbie!!!!! So worth it and I bet you enjoy it a lot!!!!!!
    You made the sampler?

  5. Love it all!! It looks so nice. Happy for you. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Bobbie,
    Everything looks lovely! I know you must be so happy with the finish!!! I also love your new header!!!
    Enjoy your week and your new remodel!!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. I am a sucker for the old pink stuff but I love your new bathroom! That looks fantastic!!

  8. Oh's all so wonderful! I love everything!! You could be a decorator. Thanks for showing us. Enjoy your new rooms. Lori

  9. I've been trying to plan a bathroom for a decade. Love yours. I hesitate to take a closet from the adjoining bedroom (resale) but I'm living here. I should make it better for us, not the next person! Good job, glad you had a good contractor.

    1. I hesitated too...but I wanted an upstairs laundry room sooo bad and the only way to get a regular tub, was to knock out the closet...and I have three other nice size bedrooms with closets, so if we ever could be listed as a bedroom or office. I'm making myself happy and not worrying about a potential buyer...which will probably never!!

  10. It all looks so nice Bobbie! Love the simplicity of the look and oh those bedroom curtains, those are perfect! Did you sew them yourself? Glad you stuck to your guns to get what you wanted when the contractor first told you it couldn't be done. Enjoy your new remodel, everything looks great!

    1. Thank you Sher...the shower curtains are from Target..

  11. The new bathroom looks wonderful, we got a similar mirror from Lowes.
    The decor makes it really warm too.