Friday, October 28, 2016


Seems everyone is talking about Christmas...I think it's because we all have a love of country and primitive decorating that we just can't wait to start getting our homes ready for the Christmas comes and goes so fast, it just doesn't seem fair to have our homes decked out for only a few short weeks...

Earlier this week, I got the urge to start digging out my most favorite Christmas books...full of ideas and inspiration....Here are the books I hold near and dear to me during this most festive season:

First...the books that really got me into primitive decorating...The Country Living Book...Country Christmas and Country Home...Olde Fashioned Christmas...these two books just spoke to my heart when I first laid eyes on them...I still love them today.. from the Time Life Country Book series that came out in the late 80's, early 90's.  I have the complete set and just love them....this Christmas book is just gorgeous!! 

And who can forget Mary Engelbreit?  Her books were so cheerful...they just put a smile of your face as soon as you open the cover!

This next one was published by Country Sampler about 25 years ago.  I bought this one at a thrift shop for 25 cents!  

A set of three Christmas with Country Living...these books are pretty was before Country Living transitioned into a Martha Stewart style magazine....There are nice stories about collectors and their collections...

I don't think I have to say a word about this wonderful book or this wonderful lady......except...if you see this book and you do not already have it....get it!!!  Beautiful!!!

A great reference book for those that collect antique-vintage ornaments....I love this book...I think it's about 20 years old.


Last, but not least are the two absolutely gorgeous books photographed and written by Tina Woltman...both of these books are treasures.....The homes she has illustrated are just breathtaking...her photography is beautiful...I think her latest book is still available...well worth purchasing!

Stacee Droit, Arnetts Country Store, will be releasing a new Christmas book on December 10 .  You can pre order her book by emailing her.  It will be lovely pictures of her home and decorations.  I can't wait for that one!

Well....I hope I haven't bored you too much....I've really been up to nothing...making some jewelry for an upcoming show..trying my hand at some Christmas ornaments...and just mainly hanging around the house..which is always fun!!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the older books and patterns but most of my magazines were just too musty to keep.
    I took some of my favorites and saved the pages. I think they are great for inspiration and reusing into new ideas.


  2. I also have, and like you,enjoy them all.Thanks for the heads up on Stacee Droit's Christmas Book

  3. They are wonderful, I have some. I need to get Tinas books now.
    Hugs bobbie!!!!

  4. I use to love Country Home and Country Living. I have been perusing my old Christmas magazines as well and will be decorating soon...getting the itch. Hope to see you at Breckenridge maybe. Janice

  5. great collection of books Bobbie...those out CL ones are real treasures...Tina' s books are on my wish list...

  6. What a great collection of books I only have tinas and judys These look interesting Thanks for sharing

    linda m

  7. I have that time Life Christmas book,too! I just love it!!!!!!!!

  8. oh i think we are kindred souls ~ i have most of those too! will be surely adding Stacee's to my collection ~ thank you!!

  9. Inspiration indeed. I haven't seen the last two. You have me on a new quest:)
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Hi Bobbie,
    I have so many of those books, plus lots of others that I love to look at...over and over again!! They are soooo inspiring!!! Did not know about Stacee's book, but will definitely want to add that one to my list!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  11. I have most of those books, too, including the complete set of Time Life books :)
    Christmas always sneaks up so fast. I hope I have more time to enjoy it this year!
    Hugs :)

  12. Ohhh, I never heard about Stacee or Tina Wolte. I will definitely try and find copies for my library!! Looking forward to seeing what inspiration you come up with for decorating your home this year.

    Happy Halloween Weekend!

  13. Great selection of Christmas decorating books! Yes. Christmas has been on my mind too! I think maybe it had something to do with the night that temps dropped below freezing? lol! Let's not forget the turkey... :-)

  14. Love your books. I am starting to think about decorating for Christmas too. Have a great day.