Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Another Christmas has come and gone and I can honestly say, I'm glad this one is over.  I'm usually sad when the big day has passed...but it was just too darn hectic this past week....I'm ready for the new year to start....I'm ready to get on with my stitching and rug hooking.....and I'm getting ready to purge, clean, get organized, and stop spending so darn much time looking for stuff!!!  But I think everyone feels that way this time of year.....

Here are a few more pictures of my decorating....nothing fancy....just a few things here and there...a little lighter and brighter this year...

My shabby little white stepback cupboard....I have a red and cream colored, antique linsey-woolsey tree skirt from the 1800's draped over one of the doors.  I purchased it last month at the show in Ohio.
I can only imagine how many Christmas' it has seen!


And my crock stand...I placed it in the center of the kitchen as an island.  It was the perfect height!

My version of DIY open cupboards...I just unscrewed the doors & removed them.....

Lots of red and white this year....placed in my antique jars.

A little cross stitch design by Pineberry Lane I stitched about 5 years ago and set it in this sweet, little red and white vintage tray. 

My chalkware snowmen....by Teena Flanner and Kathy Bejimy of Walnut Ridge Collectibles.

Another pair of  friendly snowman

Just a few pictures of the bedrooms...nothing great, because my bedroom is rather plain..

I love this old coffee bin...bought it from Earlene...but it was too big for my kitchen so it has found a home in the spare room...

One of my friendly little early bears.....

A collection of brush trees....

A quiet Santa sitting in a cradle watching over sheep....

Now my bathroom....I had so much fun decorating my bathroom...the first time in over 30 years, I did not have to worry about sticking with the color scheme...you know....the pink and black scheme?  I can't tell you how nice it was to have a neutral field to play with....

And last but not least...my early, wood horse that I purchased last summer in Marshall MI.  He's all decked out with Christmas greenery and ready to roll....

Thank you all again, for viewing and commenting on my blog.  It mean so much.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.....I know I am!


  1. So sweet! Love that holly stocking. I need to find some fabric next year similar to that and make my own stoking like that. Great idea also to add the christmas bulbs in the jars. Blessings to you for the New Year! Janice

  2. I love your crock stand made into kitchen island! Wonderful idea. I agree with you, looking forward to purging what we no longer need and being more organized this year. Hoping I can really do that!

  3. Great horse and darling little tree. The crocks the stand the buckets, oh my. I can't believe it's 2017. What the hell?

  4. Love seeing your home and your decorations, everything looks so wonderful the way you display things along with your antiques. I need to have Bill make me a bucket bench, have been wanting one for years;)


  5. nice and cozy home - love your christmas decorations♥
    happy new year!

  6. Bobbie ~
    EVERYTHING looks great! I love the way you decked out your rocking horse. Mine is just wearing a bow.
    Where are your Arnett Santas?
    See you soon.
    Happy New Year :)

  7. Its all wonderful The Holly stocking The snowman on your coffee container and the wonderful horse decorated Oh my Thanks for sharing your decorating

    linda m

  8. Really wonderful decorating! Love the linsey woolsey tree skirt!!! You do have some wonderful old pieces and I love the new mixed in! Happy New Year Bobbie!

  9. Love all your Christmas touches, Bobbie! Everything looks so wonderful. I'm leaving mine up until Monday. Happy new year my friend. Hugs, Lori

  10. Love it all! I didn't get much decorating done this year. So I've really enjoyed looking at it on blogs!!!!

  11. My favorites are the tray featuring the Pineberry Lane cross stitch, and the bottle brush trees...but everywhere it looks cozy and comfortable and charming. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Bobbie, I do love all of your Christmas decorations and your beautiful antiques to house them in!!

    I so agree with you that I am ready to be done with Christmas and start a New Year! The past few days, I have been on a rampage clearing out stuff, filling up trash bags and boxes for the thrift store. It is feeling really good to tackle that old clutter that I am sick of looking at. I love a clean slate to jump start this new year!

  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home; such lovely decorating and use of antiques which make such a cozy and homey feeling. Love it all.

  14. Hi Bobbie,
    Your decorating is just so lovely!! I truly enjoyed my visit with you and thank you for sharing each vignette!!! It will be sad to put it all away, but it is time to move forward and then bring it all out again next Christmas!!! I don't know if I have a favorite, but that horse is pretty special, the bucket bench with your crocks is just perfect and.........Oh, I guess I just love it All!!!!!
    Have a Happy and Blessed New Year, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  15. Your house is just beautiful. When I saw your answer to open shelving I just had to giggle. You go, girl!