Monday, July 17, 2017


Well...last week I dove in head first.....into my sewing room...I purged, I pitched, I pissed & moaned...but I did it....for the most part anyway....I set my timer to be in the room for only three hours.  I worked like a dog...but when the three hour timer went off...I wasn't even a third done!  I could've cried....I started at 9 in the morning and worked until 10 at night.....I got rid of so many magazines, knick knacky things, things I was going to one day create something out of ...oh my...if I only could get my money back!!

Love this sign...but you should see the looks it gets when people go into my room......The rug is a Heaven's To Betsy design...a fun and easy rug to hook.........

I cleaned off my Ikea desk...I really love this desk..It has two nice drawers and is really easy to clean...and it's very Ott light and my Martha Steward light....

I decided to keep my tall, metal bookshelf in the room.  It holds everything I need very nicely without everything being crammed in.    My blue binders house my cross stitch patterns.  I have them  organized by designer.    

I decided, at this time, not to sell my primitive wood cupboard.  It holds all the wool I need..I'm determine not to buy wool just on  a whim.....(she said laughing)....
I donated my cutting table which took up a ton of room, and two bookshelves...I can finally breathe!!

That big ugly husband grimaced when even the mention of donating it to the here it sits...under the window...but I did clean out and organize the drawers.... 

My two little Steiff bears..peeking out at me....making sure everything stays neat... 

And.....I can't wait to start stitching this lovely sampler design by Tammy Black of Scattered Seed Samplers....I love, it only has two colors of floss to use! 

Well....that's it....I'm off to finish the laundry, make dinner, and sit down to do some stitching!  Have a great night!!


  1. Hi Bobbie,
    Happy for you and hope you can feel more productive!!! I would have also rewarded myself with something sweet!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Absolutely right to keep that cupboard! I too have too many "one day" supplies and projects that have hung around for years. The box top beneath the bears - how did you attach your wool piece? I have nice wood shaker boxes but no idea of the best method.

    1. Hi Marly.....the box top is a firkin top. It had an upholstered, padded top when I bought it years ago. I just hooked my crows on my linen, and then whip stitched it to the padded top. I would probably add a wool or cloth backing to your stitched piece and stitch the edges around it, and then use...and this is awful....glue...E6000 is a great glue, stinky but good. That's what I do with my punch needle pieces.

    2. Thanks. I wondered about gluing. But you've given me a great idea. I will use a thin mat board and cover with cotton batting and muslin, then stitch the wool piece to it. The mat will be glued to the box, not the fabric! Thanks.

  3. The room looks great and I would definitely keep pieces that you use and I do love the wood cupboard. I need to purge, but I need to make sure I am not going to regret losing it first, lol.


  4. It looks great!! I wish that my space looked like that!

  5. I need to get some of that motivation to tackle my room. Yours looks great and I am sure you feel satisfied to have it done.

  6. Oh what a great feat! Nicely done. Bet it feels great too. I need to do the same, buuuut. . . . Love your giant sheep on the top shelf:-)

  7. There is something very special about having a room just for you and your creating. Mine makes me feel warm(even though it is 100+ today), cozy and (next to the kitchen- I like to cook), my favorite space.
    The 'Heaven's to Betsy' Rug looks great there too.
    You are so organized and that must feel really good...something like the 'icing on the cake'. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful ideas.

  8. Bobbie, you did a fantastic job with your clean up work!! Wow, it all looks so orderly, clean and beautiful. Congratulations on tackling the job with such determination too. I know you are going to love working there again now that you can find what you want and the place is so inviting! You are an inspiration, Girl!!!

  9. Looks great. I wish I could get that ambitious!

  10. Bobbie, I'm so proud of you. I know the feeling of peace that follows a good clear out, and the creativity that follows is just a blessing. Happy Stitches.

  11. The room looks great, and I'm glad you kept the green cupboard. If DH can't comprehend getting rid of the desk totally, can it be moved to a less prime location than in front of the window in your room? Like the in his hobby room, basement, garage, or storage shed out back. In other words, somewhere in his way not yours?

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