Monday, August 7, 2017


It's a beautiful Monday morning and I am happy to say that our traveling for the summer is done...we have made two trips to South Carolina since the end of June, to help my son & his wife get settled in.  I'm not sure how much help we were...seems like we were getting in their way most of the time, so we left a couple of days early.  We had all these plans for antiquing on the way home...went through Tennessee and Kentucky thinking we would fine all sorts of treasures...what a huge disappointment !  All they had was garage sale stuff and glass ware....and the prices were ridiculous!  Most of the shops that were supposed to be so great, were out of business.....I'll just stick with my Michigan and Ohio peeps from now on....

It's funny (and scary) what you find on the internet when you google your name.  I found these pictures, from a group, TDIPT, that I belonged to over 10 years ago.   It was a great selling group at the time...with updates twice a many talented folk artists...but once a month, they did an interview with an artist, featuring their home and decor.  Here's mine from 2007.....

I still have a lot of the things in this picture.  But most of it has been sold....the fireboard I still use during the summer months.  

This is one of my favorite pictures of my living room taken from the entry way.  I really loved those curtains...I made them using clearance fabric from Joann's.  I wish I would have kept them...the carpeting has been replaced with wide plank wood floors.. My biggest mistake was allowing my husband to buy and put a television in the living room, in the corner by the fireplace.  I can't wait for the thing to die.....

My dry sink that I purchased in Ohio, above it a beautiful little wall cupboard that I have since sold. 

My little vignette of odds and ends....

And then a wall in my kitchen...the decor in my kitchen has undergone a big change...I keep it simple now...mostly in shades of white with red accents....

It's funny, you look back at older pictures and think a lot has changed....but then again....really, not too much has changed...I went through a period of going tables, modern chairs...that lasted about two years....then I'm like...what the heck was I thinking????   Back to the old for me!  Now I find that I am more drawn to the farmhouse look....just another fad in decorating?  One that I would tire of in a couple of years???  For now, I'll just stick to what I have....Have a great Monday! 


  1. Very nice! Our TV died. But it wasn't a good thing! He replaced it with a 50".

  2. Hi Bobbie,
    Love all the photos and that sure is a BIG WINDOW!!!! Reminds me of one we had in PA and I had those big muslin ruffled curtains then!! So much yardage in those things!!!! I love your style and agree with you.....old is what I love, too!!!
    Hope you have a lovely week!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. It's sad what has happened to antique shops, they are mostly flea markets now. We have an antique mall in town that specialized in primitives. It has new owners and now the oldest you can find is 1950's, they specialize in "mid-century modern", have junk from the 1970-1980's that you want to run out the door when you see it.

  4. I've enjoyed seeing what it looked like "then". I will take old over new any day of the week.
    Happy Monday :)

  5. Bob and I learned our lesson in not to antique in TN and KY. I have been scooping up a few white pieces lately. We are thinking about raising our roof next year so I plan on doing a den on the second floor in the farmhouse look. Old is best for me. Hey are you and Dave going to be in Holly for the Sept. show? Janice

    1. Hi Jan...No...I'm not doing the Holly Show. But I'm coming to help on either FRiday or SAturday. TN and KY both totally sucked for antiques....a huge waste of time. Next time...I'll go by way of PA...

  6. I know that feeling, I just want to trash the whole house and start over, lol.
    Some things are sentimental, but I just want to start over, but will have to just declutter and redo what I have.
    I finally bought two new ceiling lights, so a bit at a time.


  7. Well that was fun! But I like the way it looks now much better!!!!

  8. What cool walk down memory lane in your home! I too have had several periods of interest over the past 38 years but my early American pieces still remain my favoites. I would love to do more primitive pieces but hubby hates that look, so I make do with prim accents and it works Ok.

    I live down here in Florida, and find that primitive antiques are much harder to come by and sometimes the prices are prohibitive. I would love to take a big truck and go on an antiquing tour of Michigan and Ohio because I do think there are more primitive antique places to seek out reasonable pieces.

    Speaking of dreams??? I would love to sell it all and find an old log cabin and rehab it and live with just very limited and simple pieces. It is just a dream but it never leaves my mind when I look through magazines!