Sunday, July 22, 2018


Yay...finally we got some rain!  Actually...we got too flowers are beat down...but the grass will look good!  Thunderstorms rolled through here around 2 am.....although, the temps are down the humidity is the good old AC remains on....I can't wait for the utility bill...

Had a busy week, taking my daughter here and there for lab work, doctor appt's, and then of course, shopping.  She is no longer able to drive due to her poor eyesight, so we make a couple of days of having some fun, plus it gets her and Rory out of the house.   My mom is doing so much better..I've been taking her to PT and she is now able to walk with a cane which is a HUGE blessing...a few months ago I thought she might be wheelchair bound...but nope....she is doing pretty good!

These little pincushions always bring a smile to my face along with these old, misshapen thimbles...they are so thin and worn...these women must have been some serious stitchers!

A little collection of shoe pincushions....they are from different cities...I guess they were a big souvenier hit of the 1930's.

And my naked ladies....I bought the porcelain half dolls last year and decided to make them into their original purpose of being a pincushion...but as you can see, that's as far as I have gotten...oh well...they're still charming!  Love my little Victorian hand clamps....I don't find them that often, but when I do, I snap them up....

My progress on "Be Kind Always"..not too much...I've been stitching on my "Farmhouse Christmas" by Little House Needleworks. 

I'm hoping this week will be a quiet one....I've got so much cleaning and purging to's driving me nuts!  My sewing room has gotten out of control...again....I don't understand how it gets so bad...well...actually I do...hmmm...Have a great week everyone and thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. I love all your posts. Your stitching and your collections speak to me. Keep up the good work! Dawn in Georgia

  2. No thunderstorms here...just welcome rain! Glad your mom and daughter are doing ok. My mom is now walking with a cane too! Your thimbles and pincushions are so sweet! Doing great on your stitchery too! Hope you have a great week Bobbie! Janice

  3. We are finally getting some good rain too, much needed, but the heat will be back.
    Fun collection of thimbles and pincushions. Prayers for your daughter.


  4. WE got NO rain. I am so bummed. It's in the forecast almost every day and never happens.
    Happy mom is doing better and you are able to help Renee. You are a blessing :)
    Love all your little pin cushions.
    We were in Michigan today for a graduation party and Thursday we are heading to Oshkosh, WI for a couple days. No wonder I can't get anything done!!!
    My hooking room sounds like your sewing room. It is never clean for more than an hour.

  5. Good to hear your mom is doing well.

    Your pincushions are really really nice. Love the rounds and shoes. I've never seen any around here when we HAD a place to look! Now no where to look!

  6. ah yes...RAIN! happy to welcome it here on the farm ~ love all of your little sewies my friend <3

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