Sunday, September 16, 2018


It's so darn hot outside, I feel like it should be July instead of mid-September!  So, staying inside with the AC going full blast, I was able to do a little fall decorating. Now mind you, I didn't realize I had so much fall and Halloween decorations...but after all was said and done, I had four totes plus a huge box full of stuff.  I was ready to scream!  I plucked a few things out and then very nicely shoved everything back in the basement.  The stuff I didn't use will be going to either my kids (I doubt they'll want anything) or the Goodwill.  I just can't seem to deal with a bunch of useless stuff anymore!

This was plenty enough for me...usually I decorate the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining room.....but not this year.  

And then because I don't have enough furniture (ha)....I fell in love with this vintage walnut coffee table.  I have to refinish the top, but the wood on the bottom and legs of this table are beautiful!  I had it in my head to chalk paint it....but the more I look at it, the more I love the wood.  The Queen Ann legs match my porringer sidetables as well.

Last, is an early sampler that I purchased in Holly last weekend at the show. It's an interesting sampler because it looks like it was only partially finished or a part of it was cut or torn away...

The back of the sampler has a piece of history taped to it.  It states:

"Loaned by Mrs. D. R. Potter and worked by her self when a child.  Age of sampler 67 years."  Ardelia Beach was 9 years old when this was stitched...since Ardelia was born in August 31, 1813, this was done in 1822.  This piece was loaned for display in 1880.  

 I have several antique samplers, but none of them have a history to them.  In fact, I have tried to research some of the names on my samplers without any luck.  

I love that Ardelia stitched it all on the tiniest count of linen, using only brown threads.  Can you imagine, these young girls sitting by candle light stitching?  I have trouble finishing a sampler on 28 count, with an Ott-Light and a magnifier!!!  

Have a great week and pray for the poor people who were affected by the much suffering and loss.....


  1. Your decorations look wonderful. I am doing the same thing, I think I will have more Christmas to get rid of this year, just too many things I can't use and I like less clutter now.


  2. lol! I hear ya'! My cross stitching has dwindled because of those tiny little linen holes too! ;-) I really like that little witch and cat stitched piece in the first pic! Do you remember the designer? Thank you for posting your autumn decoration pics...I'm beginning to feel the cool down! :-)

  3. Ohhhh this is wonderful! That sampler is amazing! I love samplers--- which I had the patience to stitch! I love how you did your fall decor...sometimes less is more. I adore how you've used your crocks...I've started to collect crocks myself! :D

  4. Hi Bobbie,
    You are definitely farther along that I am with your decorating!! My container made it into my Sewing room and that is where it sits, waiting!! Perhaps today I will get things out and displayed! Everything looks so nice with those touches of fall colors that we love!!
    Your new sampler is just wonderful and I especially love the beautiful script handwriting! Such a great find and treasure for you!! Your new table is also lovely and so nice that it goes with your other side tables!! Another score for you!!!
    Hope the weather cools off soon! We are still in triple digits here during the day but it is slowly cooling off and will soon be down to the 90's! Thankfully it is in the 70's in the early morning for my walks!! Have a great week, Bobbie!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. I just love your sampler and the history behind it!
    I got my Halloween down from the attic yesterday. 4 boxes and a couple bags and miscellaneous stuff. Mind you, not fall. Just Halloween. I am a glutton for punishment and most of it will get put out. I will never learn...sigh.
    See you in a less than a month :)

  6. What a find to have a sampler with the history. I must have missed this sampler. :-( Bob and I just got back from Springfield. It was soooo hot that I got heatstroke in the afternoon and we had to go back to the hotel. Spent another 3 hours Saturday morning. This weekend I am going to get up in the ole attic and lug my Fall stuff down. Love your Fall decor! Janice

  7. Oh, I love your new coffee table. I love wood myself and would love to see you just refinish the top. It will be a wonderful piece of furniture in your home! Finding the Sampler was a special piece and happy you have it. Your decorations look great. Happy Autumn!

  8. The perfect touch of Autumn.
    What a treasure - to have a lovely sampler with a bit of the history attached !