Sunday, November 8, 2020


 Hard to tell with the beautiful weather we've had in Michigan.  I love seeing the snow in certain states.....this was last year, on my street, I believe November 9 or 10th....what a big difference from then and now!!

We came back from our trip to SC after visiting with my son and his family.  It was a nice visit and the weather was much like it is here.  We went to a few antique shops, but found nothing.  I think I spent a total of $6!  I did go to Fire Poppies which is a fairly new needlework shop in Summerville SC.  It's a beautiful shop, but they don't carry a ton of patterns so the selection is small, but the fabric and flosses, and accessories she offers are wonderful!

I haven't really been to too many places since getting home.  I wanted so badly to go to a Christmas open house being held by a fabulous antique/farmhouse style shop...but the line was wrapped around the store, down the block and then wrapped around another block.  No way was I going to wait for I came home.  I stopped at the local thrift shop and bought this beautiful little gold toned bowl and decided to put my stone fruit in it.

I started taking down my fall decor mainly because I've had it up since the middle of August and I'm tired of it.  I added just a touch of red and white for the start of Christmas decorating.  I was so late with it last year I decided I'm going to start a little early this time.  Maybe the week of Thanksgiving or before..we'll see.

A couple of pictures from our visit with the three little Southern Belles:
 That's our youngest grandchild Catherine who is five months old...

And then the three sisters...they are so much fun...nothing but laughs and giggling in my son's house!  They are so sweet...but can be so tiring...LOL!!!  We were exhausted when we got home but loved every minute of it!!

Well...have a great week.  I hope this week brings us peace and less anxiety.  I'm having two friends over tomorrow morning for a day of hooking and I can't wait!!!  Take care & please be safe!


  1. I hope to be a grandma someday but I know they
    are exhausting. Glad you could see family

  2. It is totally different from last year,. we also had snow by now.
    That bowl is beautiful.
    Cute pics of the GK's.

  3. We got one day of snow and now it is in the 70's, crazy year, crazy weather. I have avoided most shops, just too stressful shopping with all the rules and I figure it is saving me money.


  4. Love the pic of the three grands dressed for Halloween!
    Sadly this beautiful weather is ending, but it was great while it lasted.

  5. What great family pics! love that cross stitch behind your amazing stone fruit. Bob and I ere talking about our 11 inches of snow last year and this year 70 degree weather. Janice