Friday, July 15, 2011


Geez...every year about this time..the old barn cat, my husband named her 6 years birth to the most adorable litter of kitties. And then every year we have to find homes for them. This barn cat is the best mom I've ever seen...she not only takes care of her kitties but also a kittens of others. She will one by one bring them up on our back porch and place them in my antique cupboard where they can sleep safely at night. Then in the morning, Boots parades them out into the sunshine playing with them and teaching them the ways of the world. My son, Jeff....absolutely loves these kittens. This one is the sweetest and he named him Snickers. I think he would take every one of them home with him...he is just like his dad. They have such a soft spot in their hearts for the little ones. We are giving this litter to a lady who houses them and then finds homes for them...she has connections. She does this all year round and has a wonderful reputation for placement. Then we are going to try to catch Boots and get her fixed...she won't like it or us...but it is something that has to be done.

Here is another picture of a little orange one...he is so sweet too..It was Jeff's birthday yesterday...I know he was hoping we would let him keep one!


  1. Happy belated birthday to Jeff! Those kittens are just adorable....the lil' orange one is a keeper for sure!

  2. Bobbie ~
    OMG are they sweet!!! I think God makes them so cute so we will fall in love with them! Good luck catching mom so that you are able to get her fixed.
    Your son is very handsome. I bet the women just love him.
    Happy birthday, Jeff.
    Hugs :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Jeff!

    Those kittens are so sweet. I'd have trouble giving them up for sure!


  4. How cute, the yellow one looks a lot like Dora.


  5. Bobbie the kitten is so cute!!!!!!
    How can you resist that sweet fuzzy face.

  6. I want the orange one!!!!! If I lived closer... I'd be over there in a flash!

  7. How sweet. Hope you catch Boots! We have so many kittens here that they are asking people to put them down and we haven't found one home for our six. So sad. Hope yours find good homes!