Sunday, March 18, 2012


I can't believe it....but three of my four sons are inching closer and closer to the big "40"! Nate's 37th birthday is today (he's the one on the left in the red shirt) and Shane's 38th birthday is tomorrow on the 19th (he's the one in the middle). My oldest son, Dave (no picture yet) will be 40 later this year...where has the time gone?? I wish I could go back in time, for just a little give them all lots and lots of hugs and kisses....when they were small enough to tuck under my arms or hold them in my lap. Such sweet years...that pass way too quick! I'm guessing that's why God gives us we get to do it all over again..and appreciate that time even more!


  1. Time sure does fly by, my son hit 30 this year and my daughter will be 27. Wonderful shot of the boys and they are all cuties;)


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS! It sure does pass quickly, my son turned 43 on the 10th. I still can't believe it! But what would we do without those little grandchildren? By the way, our spring open house is next weekend, hope we might see you there. Dawn

  3. Happy Birthday to Nate and Shane! Handsome fellas they are :). Time sure does fly by.... Sure is amazing watching them grow !

  4. I'm reading your post thinking back 30+ years at how busy you must have been when they were all under the age of 5! Whew! ~Ann

  5. Bobbie ~
    Happy, happy day to those handsome fellas. You must have started having them when you were! Like Ann mentioned, you sure had your hands full when they were young, but obviously you did an amazing job raising them!
    Isn't our weather amazing? I am lovin' it!!!
    Pug hugs :)