Sunday, March 4, 2012


Geez...I can't believe I haven't posted in so long...I guess that means there is really nothing new going on. I haven't been able to much hooking or stitching..not enough time or energy lately. But...I love being able to see what everyone else has done or is in the process of I live vicariously throughout blogland! Anyway....we have been very busy with wedding stuff...with a wedding in June and the next one in September...seems that "Pinterest" is my new BFF. So many cool ideas...and can just about find anything your heart desires on that website. I have been rearranging stuff...I am torn between trying to be more traditional in decorating but I still love my I guess I am "eclectic" in my tastes. We just recently painted the I changed the decor somewhat...well..I bought a few accessories and a new picture. Just posting a few pics today...
That's my mantle...always challenging for me...the blue wall is the NEXT to be I said...eclectic!
My blue cupboard with my grandmother's Blue Willow Ware. I heard a young couple at an antique shop last summer say "I hate those blue dishes...they make absolutely NO sense to me and you see them everywhere!"..I kind of laughed to myself! can see them scattered throughout my house!
My dry sink is still in the middle of the husband will not let me move it...he loves it there...everyweeked it's a big discussion.
My little table for two that I painted black last summer and my new picture on the kitchen wall...pretty plain...not very prim..but easy to keep up!
Last but not least....I recently came across these little tarts from Walmart by Better Homes and Gardens..they are only two dollars per pack and smell absolutely wonderful!! I put them in my electric tart warmer and your whole house smells wonderful! This is a favorite scent of clean and fresh!


  1. Bobbie ~
    So good to hear from you!
    Everything looks wonderful. I need to swing by WalMart later {almost out of diet Coke and that is serious} and will look for those tarts.
    I still refuse to check out Pinterest but I think I may be weakening. I just don't need another thing that steals my little free time!
    I'm looking forward to the hook-in in April!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. You are surrounded by the things you enjoy. THAT is what makes a home :)
    good to see you posting!!

  3. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures of your home, everything looks so fresh. I'd like to invite you to visit my new selling blog, just type in it should take you right to it! Hope to see you again before long, Dawn

  4. Love the pictures of your home! But, where did you find the picture of the antique rug you are planning to hook? I love it!

  5. I love seeing photos of bloggers' homes even though it confuses the crap out of me. I'm making kitchen changes and every day it's a different plan! The good thing is it's so small I have no room for furniture/accessories. I'm afraid to go to Pinterest for fear I will never return.

  6. Time really does fly by quickly! The weekend seemed more like 2 hours than 2 days? lol! Love the antique flower rug on your sidebar... maybe I'll try hooking that one too!