Thursday, May 24, 2012


Or what "haven't" I been doing?? It's been a crazy last couple of months. With my daughter's wedding fast approaching, it has been a whirlwind of activity around the house. Renee's Bridal Shower was held this past Saturday and it was beautiful...good turnout, good food, and no bridezilla or momzilla moments ( least not at the shower!) My daughter-in-law Sara worked her behind off making body butters and body scrubs to be given as shower favors. They were such a huge hit, I think she should go into business! I have a few pictures to new BFF is IKEA...Sara and I went shopping there to pick up a few odds and ends for decorations and found a wonderful, wonderful treasure trove of really inexpensive items for the centerpieces and also some decor for her wedding reception. Renee with her "Bride To Be" sign...
Beautiful cake from her mother-in-law to was really really good!
My DIL, Sara....lot's of body butter in those jars!
The centerpieces at each table.
And of course....what would a bridal shower be without cute little grand daughters to share the moment?


  1. Oh my goodness...such excitement! Beautiful tablescapes, lovely and indulgent shower favours, yummy cake, and happiness all around. Thank you for sharing the festivities with us Bobbie!
    Sending hugs from my beehive,

  2. What a nice shower!!! The cake, center pieces, jars and little girls are all so pretty!!! Your daughter will be a beautiful bride!!!

  3. Beautiful Bridal Shower for a Beautiful Bride-to-be!!! Enjoy every moment!!

  4. Hey busy girl! Hope all of your plans are going along smooth. It was good to see you at the rug show. Small world that you knew Sue! Have a great holiday weekend, Dawn

  5. Ooooooh! Sounds like bunches of fun! Enjoy every second! :-)