Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hard to believe...but my daughter's wedding is less than one week away. All the planning, paying, arguing, crying is about to come to an end. We still have lots and lots to do...but it is more simple and fun know...making the place favors..finalizing the head count, the seating arrangements etc, etc...I could never be a wedding planner! The whole starts out as being fun...then little by little it wears on your nerves!!! My daughter and I work opposite shifts so it has really been challenging for us to get together. Plus she works the weekends and I do not...but I have learned a couple of lessons from this whole process.

1. Set a definite limit on how much you are willing to's amazing how those "little" things add up.

2. As a mom...don't try to express your opinion too much...go with the flow.. It is after all....her wedding (many tears were shed when ideas were shot tears...mainly!)

3. Take the wedding invitation to the post office...all stuffed as if you were going to send it out and have them weigh it...We almost had a MAJOR disaster by not putting enough postage on the invites...those 20 cent stamps were a life saver!

4. Remember the old saying from the dinner table.."Your eyes are bigger your stomach". It holds true with your guest do NOT have invite everyone you have ever met....only family and friends who are dear to your heart.

5. As mother of the bride...this is very important....try your dress on after you get it home & several times thereafter. I went to try mine on two weeks ago, and before I even took the garment bag completely off, noticed that the zipper was broke...more unnecessary grief!!!!

6. Don't and I repeat...DON'T work in the garden a week before the wedding.. I now have hands, nails, and cuticles that look like I have been harvesting corn! Thank goodness for nail salons being on every street corner in my city....

7. Last, but not least....don't expect your daughter (or son) to fully appreciate or understand the amount of time and effort you have put into making this day one of the most enjoyable and memorable events of their life....they may not acknowledge it now or the day of....but years down the road they will look back and realize that mom and dad put their own life on "hold" for a few months so their child could share their special day with loved ones and have a wedding only dreams are made of!

So..that's it...wish me luck..this is after all "Wedding Week"...then I get to do it all again in September...with my son!


  1. I kinda dread it when my kids get married. You have EXCELLENT advice. Have a great week!!

  2. Bobbie ~
    Great advice, but I'll never be the mother of the bride and for that I am thankful!
    I hope you have a minute to relax and then just have F-U-N!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. Okay girlie, this is it! Take some much needed time for you this week so you aren't totally exhausted by the weekend. You deserve it!! I know your daughter will look back and remember this day with much appreciation. Hope to see you soon, Dawn

  4. Oh my...the excitement of the upcoming festivities grows! Wishing you and your loved ones oodles of joy and love...forever and always.
    Ever warmly,

  5. Great advice! Though, it makes me glad I have boys! Hee, hee! Hope your daughter has a wonderful day!

  6. I'll remember this for when my daughter gets married. It was definitely a LOT easier with my son! i'm so excited for you all. It's going to be Wonderful !! I'm saying a prayer now for good weather ;)..