Friday, June 29, 2012


One other piece of advice NOT to do before the wedding.....USE A SELF TANNING GEL!!! OMG!!! I decided since it was too hot to wear nylons for the rehearsal dinner tonight and the wedding tomorrow, I would try one of those self tanning gels....well...I made a mistake and bought a the "instant" tan instead of the "gradual" tan...just a fair to medium....but this morning I woke up to giraffe legs!! (The picture does not do the spotting justice) I was being so careful last night..not getting too much on, not getting around my knees, ankles, I have to wear nylons not only to the rehearsal dinner, but also to the wedding...UGH!!!! Between the panty hose, the Spanx, the frilly, beady dress...I will surely suffocate..why oh why...didn't she choose the month of May or October?? Oh well....I guess I'd better run....I have a bath of Comet cleanser and a green scrubbie waiting for me!! Calgon...PLEASE.....take me away!

P.S. My left hand in also darker than the right..yep...I decided to tan them also......


  1. Oh my goodness... isn't it something how everything seems to go wild right before the ONE day? Steer clear of the comet idea... or you'll be needing perfume to cover that up... lol... wishing you and the bride a very gorgeous day tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing some pictures!

  2. When it's this hot, you probably wouldn't feel any differently without hoisery! Everyone's eyes will be on a beautiful bride and her fabulous mom in a beaded dress. Can't wait to see photos. Enjoy a perfect day!

  3. Oh Bobbie that is too funny...something I would totally do too! Wishing the bride and groom a perfect day tomorrow and a Happily Ever After life...

  4. Oh no Bobbie! That is so something I would do!! Take heart my friend. Just enjoy everything and remember everyone will be looking at the beautiful bride and not so much her mother. You have to laugh about it, right?! What else can you do? Thinking of you and hoping the day is everything your daughter and you have worked so hard to make happen. Blessings for a long and happy marriage. Hugs, Lori

  5. Oh no, Try fresh lemon juice and a good scrubber.

  6. Oh my gosh, wait until I tell Sue! I know you'll have a ball no matter what color your legs are! That's the key, just go have fun. Enjoy, Dawn

  7. Everything will work out just fine! Enjoy the day and best wishes to the bride and groom :)

  8. Oh, Bobbie ~
    I'm sure by now you've taken care of your slight "mishap". I am sorry but I am chuckling at the words that may have come out of your mouth.
    I'm sure the day will be wonderful and like others said, the eyes will be on your beautiful daughter. Please share lots of pictures with us!
    Hugs :)

  9. Love this story! Hope it's all gone by now because it's gonna be a hot day for pantyhose! Have lots of fun and enjoy the day!

  10. Oh my goodness you are too I bought some a few weeks ago that is by Jergens and it's a lotion and it's fantastic!!!
    First time is light - if you want med. or dark then put it on in those steps.
    I use it just once for a natural look and use rubber gloves to rub it's really much better than the gel...try it you will like it much better and it's more even.
    But oh my dear lady I hear you...just do a good scrubbing and it will even out some.

    Good luck.