Thursday, August 30, 2012


I just LOVED Lori Brechlin's post on the "non-perfect" hooker... That's me!! No matter how hard I try, I can't get my loops the same height...not even close...I have twists,turns, and carry-overs on every corner and please don't ever look on the back of my rugs...SHoCKInG! I used to get really wigged out trying to make every loop took the fun out of hooking, but when I took a class in Ohio with Barb Carroll, she very proudly stated that she is not a hooker who strives for perfection....she just loves to hook and enjoys every piece of wool she's supposed to be relaxing...not stressful. That changed my whole outlook on the craft.

I'll never have one of my rugs chosen for the annual edition of "Celebration" by Rug Hooking Magazine...or win a blue ribbon at Sauder....but I do so enjoy making my rock on Lori....your rugs are beautiful....your loops unique....I'm with you!

What's on my frame at present...a design by Handmaiden Designs..."Bless Our Home"


  1. I think anyone who can hook at all is amazing! That bit of work in the picture is lovely - I think the colors are so pretty and your loops look soft and well-spaced!! You have nothing to be ashamed of in my mind....I wish I could do what you do! (I'm afraid to try....)

    So keep up the good work!! :-D

  2. I think the harder we try to be perfect, the more we mess up, lol.
    On my own I am not as picky, but when I want to sell it or give it as a gift, I get nuts because no matter how hard I try, I mess up;)


  3. Yes! Rock on gals!!! I agree with having hooking being an outlet for relaxation... and since these rugs are all hand made... they should have some personality to them.. rather than the mass produced machine looking stuff!

    You gals may have just pushed me to get my hook out this weekend! :-)

  4. Add me to the list of not perfect hookers...each loop does what it wants...looking forward to seeing more of your new rug...

  5. amen sister-hooker! ~ as in anything, it really is the journey...the destination will always be the same, right? when we're done we're done, so enjoy each loop ~
    Blessed be!

  6. I am enjoying my hooking more and more with each new project I start.
    So glad to know I am in good company!

  7. Hi!
    Your hooking looks great Bobbie! I really like that rug you're hooking. Can't wait to see it when you get it hooked. Have a great weekend!