Saturday, September 1, 2012


Happy Saturday...not much happening here. I did go to Joann's this morning (my outing for the week)and had been eyeing these "jewelry" racks. You know...they have all different styles and colors..but I wasn't thinking of them for my jewelry..I thought they would be great for hanging my wool worms when hooking. That was my good idea..I usually have a big pile of wool strips all mixed together..searching for this color & that color. So hopefully, this will help me stay focused and organized.

Now for my "not so good" idea. Buying shoes for a wedding over the internet. My son's wedding is next Saturday and it is an outdoor wedding....formal and fancy...but outdoor nontheless....have you ever tried to walk on grass with high heels? Doesn't work out so end up sinking like the I thought I would get a dressy wedge. I love the shoes...very sharp...but ordering shoes with a 4 1/2 inch wedge heel(it didn't look so high when I saw them on the website) and actually walking in them is a whole other issue!! Luckily...I can return them to the store (DSW) and hopefully...can find something else to wear by next week. They are cute though....Maybe I'll just wear a pair of bejeweled flip flops!


  1. Bobbie ~
    Great idea for the worms. Mine are all jumbled in a basket and sometimes it is easier to cut new ones than to try to find the one I am looking for!
    I have never in my life had 4 1/2 heels/wedge. I would surely fall flat on my face!!! Good luck finding shoes. I hate shoe shopping!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I went to an outdoor wedding and got black flip flop sandals, easy to walk in and looked nice with the outfit.


  3. cute idea for your worms! denise

  4. I'd go with the fancy flip flops-bet you wouldn't be alone!!
    great idea for the worms.

  5. They really are beautiful shoes. Maybe a wee bit high though.

  6. I think you should get the flip flops and some more self tanning cream!!! (Ha-ha) Have great fun at the wedding, Dawn

  7. What a grand idea for your worms! I also fancy the wire basket tower...Hmmmmmm.
    The shoes are lovely! But, truth be told, they would be most disagreeable on my aging "tootsies!" Good luck in your search for a formal pair of flip-flops...there MUST be a pair out there somewhere.

  8. Loved your comment! I can just see you out there dancing like crazy with your arms moving everywhere! Fun!!!

  9. The shoes are darling! I would NEVER be able to walk in them! Good luck and I hope you find something snazzy!

  10. You are one brave lady- first for ordering shoes online. I've never tried it before and after your post, most assuredly won't! LOL. Your second act of bravery will work for you -the jewelry holder turned worm holder. In my house one of my furbabies would make off with every worm I might hang on it!

    Let's see your new shoes when you find them!

  11. Fabulous shoes but you need to be comfortable. I wish I could wear high heels but hate being tall and hate falling over so I don't. Good idea for the rack.