Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Don't laugh...but this is a sampler I started back in the summer of 2010! I know, I know...rediculous...but it is what it is. I'm not a fast stitcher and I seem to lose interest in larger projects, but I am waiting for some hand dyed yarn to finish my last rug and didn't want to start another one, so I decided to bring out old faithful! One of these years I'll get her done. It is a lovely design by Linda Gillon and it's a whopper...38 1/2 inches in length. I'm about half way there. How do you like that fancy floor frame? I bought it a couple of months ago at Hobby Lobby and nearly killed myself putting it together and nearly cursed myself to death when trying to "scroll" the fabric in those itty-bitty slits! Wish I was one those talented stitchers that did not need a frame or hoop


  1. Bobbie ~
    That is one big sampler and hey, 2010 was only 3 years ago. I have several from 20+ years ago that I need to complete one of these days. I cannot imagine stitching without a hoop!
    Happy stitching :)

  2. Looks good to me Bobbie! I lose interest in stuff that takes longer than 2 weekends... lol! Have to mix in some tiny projects to break up those biggies. I have a scroll frame for larger samplers (to keep both hands free) and a 6" hoop for the pinkeep sized projects...

  3. Bobbie,
    Hmmmmm, that sampler looks familiar to me! he he Looking good my friend. You are halfway there. Enjoy stitching...we can never have enough samplers! Hugs, Lori