Saturday, March 16, 2013


I love antique clocks..I don't have any...but I always find myself looking at them. Today, my husband and I went to a new local antique mall and I found this "Gingerbread Kitchen" clock, made by the E. Ingraham clock company. It works and chimes beautifully. The owner dated it being made in the 1920's, but when I brought it home I did some research and found this clock was actually made around 1883-1885. The front glass is not original, but the rest of the workings seem to be. Anyway...I put it on top of that darn desk we bought a few months ago and I think it fits quite well. Of course, I had to rearrange everything else on the wall..but it was fun! Next..I have to paint that blasted blue wall! My husband has a fit eveytime I mention painting it...He loves it..I hate I told him's going! I just have to find the time...again...TIME....


  1. Oh my, what lovely clock! To sit quietly and listen to the tick-tick-tick is quite soothing one ponders the lives and stories of past owners. Wishing you many pleasant hours enjoying such a splendid addition to your home.
    Warm hugs...

  2. Morning, now that is a old clocks too, well, anything old to tell you the truth, :) Irish Blessings Francine.

  3. What a wonderful clock! And it looks so nice surrounded by your stitcheries....
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  4. that's a great clock, and the name, it's a good quality company, no wonder it looks so good after all these years!

  5. Wow! What craftsmanship was put into creating that timepiece! Enjoy it! We have a room in our home that is that blue... and every time I mention painting it my hubby rolls his eyes too... mostly because the color on the wall never looks like the paint swatch and he's tired of me complaining about the before.... AND the after... lol!