Tuesday, June 25, 2013


After a fun filled week in Orlando with my son and his family...it's nice to be home.  Especially since I have the rest of the week off!  As you can see, Charlotte is tuckered out from all of her Disney escapades and shopping!  It was hotter than blazes, but the crowds were not too bad at the parks...thank goodness!  Just a few pictures of "new things" I acquired through the trip.  Not much in the line antiques..but some neat finds!

I started crocheting an afghan while driving down...cross stitching is just too hard to do when sitting in a truck going on a highway...so I figured I would make myself a nice throw for the cooler months ahead.  Some pretty wild colors!

In Kissimmee...there is a very nice little cross stitch shop.  I discovered it a few years ago and was so happy that it was still there, in fact, her business is doing so well...she is moving to a bigger facility!  I went on Wednesday afternoon and much to my pleasure, they have a little group that meets in the afternoon, so the ladies invited me to stay and stitch.  Didn't bring a thing, so I purchased this little pattern, the linen, and threads and sat and stitched the afternoon! The design is by the Sampler Girl..part of her Jane Austen series.  It was so much fun.  I finished the pattern and now I have to press and either frame it or make it into a pincushion..not sure which.
While stitching, the ladies had the cutest scissors.."Puppy Snips"!  I had never heard of them, but they are so sweet.  I ordered two pair and they arrived yesterday.  They also have "Kitty Snips"....I purchased them from  http://www.eatsleepknit.com/  .I'm going to put a set on my keychain and leave one in my sewing basket.

On our way down, we always stop in Waltersboro, SC.  They have a really nice antique district..a little pricey but I managed to find this  embroidery hoop/stand.   Made in Germany and holds the fabric tight.  

Well. that's it for now.  I don't like this new blogger format.....I have had nothing but trouble when trying to  post.  I like that the pictures show up while posting, but it's hard to center or put words in the right places.   So if it's a little screwy.....I apologize!   



  1. Hi, sounds like a wonderful trip to Orlando....great pictures....love the sweet colors in the throw....Blogger gets the best of me at times, Blessings Francine.

  2. Enjoy your next week off!!!
    I have the week of the 4th. off.
    Can't wait to spend more time gardening.
    Have you seen Dawn flyer on her show in September?

  3. Bobbie ~
    What a sweet pic of Charlotte. So happy to hear you had a good time!
    Will you be at Kingwood on Saturday? I hope so!
    Hugs :)

  4. i've been wanting to visit that shop. glad to hear that's it's nice,don't you just love the puppysnips. glad to see that Charlotte liked disney. denise

  5. Love that pic of Charlotte! :-) Glad you enjoyed your vacation... and good to hear needlework shops are doing well! Cute project you stitched up! Love the hoop and stand too! :-)

  6. The Cheerful Company stitchery is a gem.
    How fun to sit a while and stitch with a group of ladies, while on vacation !

  7. It sounds like you had a great trip! And what a bonus to find a cross stitch shop with a stitch group invitation!!

  8. It was so GREAT to have you with us today, but such a pity about the truck. Oh well, it gave Dick a chance to get a little more acquainted with Dave! Can't wait to have you guys out to dinner one night. See you soon, Dawn