Saturday, June 1, 2013


So disappointed today.....while stitching with my favorite new pair of scissors by my side, I noticed that one of the little handles began to wiggle. I continued to snip with them and then this happened....

On closer inspection after they broke, I looked and I'll be darned if the decorative handle isn't made of some sort of plastic! It totally cracked off the metal part of the blade......I bought them a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby for $15.99...don't have my receipt...but they're going back. I guess I'll just stick to my old faithfuls that were made much for the fancy ones!


  1. Interesting. I brought a pair of those scissors from Hobby Lobby a while back. They feel heavy so I am shocked to hear they are really a plastic. It's too bad. They are pretty design and I agree they cut a crisp edge (that is before they break). I'm very disappointed to learn how cheaply they are made. Now I know what to expect with mine.
    Thanks for the heads up. :(

  2. bummer! I hate plastic! and such pretty little scissors too ~

  3. Oh no! They looked so pretty I had bought a couple of pair for myself! I guess I can count on them for looks only... wow! Who would have thought plastic in those scissors...