Sunday, July 14, 2013


Just a few pics to post.  I have had so much trouble with blogger postings and pictures, I've almost given up...anyway.  This is my little grand daughter, Olivia,  who was  Wyandotte's " VFW Poppy Queen" this year in the annual 4th of July parade.   Her trophy was as tall as she is!!  She was so sweet and was a thrill for her and for us to see her on the back of the convertible waving to the crowds.  I hope she'll remember it just a little as she gets was a fun, fun day! 
Then here is my husband with all 9 of our grand children. 

I haven't been up too very much.  My husband and I had a wonderful evening with Dick and Dawn, Holly Hills Primitives, in their town of Holly.  We had dinner at a local restaurant, which had excellent food!!  We then drove through town showing us all the homes that are up for sale......hmmmm...I would LOVE to live's about 70 miles north from our house and it's a lovely, lovely area with lots of little lakes.  The town of Holly is  wonderful!  Full of little specialty shops, antique shops, and restaurants.   Everyone is so nice...not to mention it would be closer for me to go hooking on Wednesdays....just sayin'.... 
  Dick and Dawn took us to the military cemetery in Holly.  Dick had wanted show my husband since they are both Viet Nam veterans.  It is the most peaceful and beautiful resting place for the men and women who served this country.    Neither my husband or myself have ever been to a national cemetery, so it was quite a humbling and surreal experience. 


  1. Your grandaughter is so sweet!!!! What a special thing for her.
    Are you really thinking of moving to Holly? I love that area too. Sonds like you guys had a great time. Don.t you just love her new shop!!!
    enjoy you day....stay cool, it's going to be very hot today. Glad I got my gardening done this weekend early.

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  3. Sorry, try again, urrggggg!!!!! Morning, Olivia is so cute, congrats to her on the win......would love to visit Holly and Dawn's shop, maybe one day......glad you enjoyed yourself s,

  4. The picture of your husband with the 9 grand children is simply precious ! A treasure.

  5. How sweet! You've got a wonderful bunch of munchkins to love. Yes, those cemetery moments are humbling.

  6. Hmmm since I'm trying to find a place where I can feel that I belong,maybe it's Holly.

  7. We had so much fun with you two and we would LOVE it if you moved to Holly (especially our neighborhood)!! Next time dinner is on us though! Thank you for such a fun evening. Your little Olivia is a dolly and so are all of the others! See you Wednesday!

  8. Thank you for sharing photographs of your exciting weekend...especially your grandchildren, and the darling Poppy Queen! I feel certain that such a special day shall be tucked in her heart forever.
    Wishing you a delightful, summertime week!