Saturday, September 21, 2013


A few more pictures to post this evening.  Hope you have all had a nice weekend so far.  The weather has been cooler, but for some reason it was really sticky today...or maybe because I was busy hauling stuff upstairs and then back downstairs....never ending....this fall decorating. 
 My living room.  The pictures over the fireplace are new.  My mom bought them for me for my birthday.  I love primitive portraits!  My kids think they are creepy looking.    I think the blue wall is creepy looking!
 My problem window.  We just had new cellular blinds installed last week....mainly to keep our nosey neighbors from continuously looking in our living room when we are sitting there (binoculars...I kid you not!).  I am ordering new window treatments when my new wing back chairs come in...that won't be until November..until then...these ugly blue chairs will have to do along with the lace!
My beloved dry sink that I purchased two years ago in Ohio.  I had it in my kitchen for quite a while, but decided it needed a change of scenery. 

 The dining area.....oh how I wish is was bigger!!!  I would love to have a long harvest table with about 6 to 8 chairs around it.  The little corner pie safe, I purchased from Holly Hills Primitives at the
show.  It didn't quite fit where I had imagined it in my kitchen, but it looks pretty good in the corner! I didn't put any curtains up on that window yet.  Haven't quite decided what I want to do with it.

My reproduction settler's bench....I had it in the spare room for quite a few years...storing the grandkids toys..but see the red sampler next to it??   I brought the bench back out  so my sampler wouldn't be the only lonely, red piece in the room.   

 My antique sampler....purchased it also at the Holly Hills show.  The vendor was Nancy Nemic from Ida, Michigan.  She had the most wonderful early pieces in her booth....I saw so many things I wanted to purchase from her...but I had no room in my truck to haul it back!  I love this sampler...was  thankful that it was still available toward the end of the show. waited too long!!
A favorite hooked piece by Sherry Kristoff that I won on Ebay a few years ago.  I love this little rug!  Sherry does such a wonderful job on all of her handmade items. It fits perfectly on top of my dough box.   Well....that's it for now.   I just finished hooking a rug last night...stayed up until 2 am to pull the last loop while watching season 3 of the Gilmore Girls (for the umpteenth time).... I swear....I love that show!  Have a a great evening!   


  1. Everything looks beautiful and I love those lace curtains, that is what I need for my front windows. I use wood blinds to keep out the sun so I just want a nice topper treatment.


  2. What a fantastic sampler. Binoculars??? Don't they have a TV to watch? It's a big beautiful window!

  3. Thank You Bobbie. You gave my heart a lift today. So happy that you still like your rug AND to see it displayed in your WONDERFUL home!!

  4. Morning, Ditto, I love it all too....cozy home you have, Blessings Francine.

  5. Your home is beautiful Bobbie. Love your dry sink and EVERYTHING!!

  6. Bobbie,
    Wonderful pics my friend! Absolutely love your dry sink where you have it with the samplers above. Stunning!! And your new/old sampler is awesome too. I love my little rug like yours by Sherry too. It's one of my favorite fall rugs to display. Hugs, Lori

  7. Binoculars!? Wow, unbelievably nosy... ha! Love your pictures.

  8. Glad you got blinds,to keep prying eyes out. How rude! Love the tour of your house and really love the dry sink too! Thanks for sharing!